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Jan 18, 2011 09:54 AM

Food Movies that change your life

I used to have a guilty pleasure/habit of picking up and inhaling a McDonald's cheeseburger (or two) from time to time - they were pretty much like crack to me. As a whole, I eat very healthy food - mostly organic, mostly local, and very little meat, let alone mass-produced beef. I watched the film "Fast Food Nation" expecting something like "Food, Inc.," a documentary-narrative discourse of facts I mostly know. My experience of FFN was something like the movie "Traffic" and its treatment of the drug world - a compilation of dramatizations about different aspects of the fast food industry that packed emotional wallop. Some of the scenes of the processing factories were shot, I read, in Mexico, as it was impossible for the filmmakers to get in to an American plant. Anyhow, I've not been to a fast food emporium since seeing the film - cold turkey - and it's been at least a year since I saw the movie. Has anyone had a similarly high-impact food movie experience, for good or ill?

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  1. i have not been a big fan of blueberry pie since "stand by me"

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      1. I began my condemnation and sneering at vegan and raw foodists after watching "Food Matters"

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            the turning point comes when raw food is said to cure cancer.
            Have Fun!