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Jan 18, 2011 09:48 AM

Places to eat and sleep between Barcelona and Madrid

We're driving from Barcelona to Madrid in March and looking for a few wine town stops in between. Any suggestions as to places worth stopping in to eat? At the moment, we're thinking about Tarragona, Terra Alta region, Casteller,etc... Anyone have any recs for those places or any others that would make sense? What about Logrono? We've been to Haro and as great as it was, we were hoping to avoid any repeats if possible. Thanks.

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  1. i'm guessing you aren't heading into the Pyrenees?

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      No. Heading to Madrid from Barcelona.

    2. Jake,I would go back and see the comments on this board about visiting Priorat if you haven't already been. Then I would hed to Baja Aragon and visit the Venta D'Aubert winery in Valderrobres and either stay and eat at the simple, modern and clean Hotel Salt in Valderrobres or the Relais and Chateaux- La Torre de Visco nearby between Valderrobres and Fuentespalda.

      Try to visit Venta D'Aubert when the German winemaker Stefan Dorst is there, it's well worth it.

      There are plenty of great restautrants if you choose to hug the coast and go through Tarragona, but I prefer to go through Priorat, then Terra Alta toward Teruel and then on toward Madrid.

      1. There is a gorgeous casa rural in the countryside north of Montalban (which is on the N211) about half way between Madrid and Barcelona. It has simple but large and comfortable bedrooms and Ambrosio, the owner, cooks you a four course meal - and the food is excellent. He is really proud of local produce and loves feeding people. I can;t remember the price, but it was great value.

        They don't speak any English, but we managed with my very basic tourist Spanish. It's called Casa Ambrosio. It doesn't have a website (or didn't when we went a couple of years ago) but the link below will give you more details.