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Jan 18, 2011 09:39 AM

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

I've checked the boards and don't see any answers to this question. I am interesting in a Vanilla Cupcake recipe that is light and airy and not eggy tasting. It needs to use cake flour.

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  1. Here is a recipe specifically for vanilla cupcake from Martha Stewart's website:

    I have not tried this recipe, but I've tried Martha Stewart's pumpkin cake and banana cake recipes and loved them both.

    If you google "vanilla cupcake"+"cake flour"+"recipe" (with the quotation marks and plus sign) you'll get a slew of them.

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    1. re: Eat.Choui

      just a heads up, that recipe gets a lot of negative comments. don't follow the video, for sure.

      1. re: Eat.Choui

        Second Billy's vanilla vanilla cupcake. Had no idea they were on Martha Stewart. It has been my go-to cupcake...really excellent--everyone loves them.

        1. re: apple342

          That's because Billy was a guest on her show. There was an issue with the amount of baking powder; in the video, Billy told Martha 2 tablespoons is the correct amount in the recipe, but that's an error, there's no way you'd want to use 2 tablespoons baking powder for 3 cups of flour. The written recipe at Marth's website has been adjusted. I think many of the negative reveiws came from bakers that used the video recipe.

          I made these cupcakes (written recipe) a few years ago, they were very, very good. Use best quality vanilla, I used Mexican and it made a great difference in the depth of the vanilla flavor.

      2. I, too, have made the Billy's Vanilla Vanilla cupcake and thought it was delicious.