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Jan 18, 2011 09:09 AM

Help needed for group dinner! Reasonably priced, walking distance to Gansevoort

Our company is organizing a trip to South Beach for twenty five employees at the beginning of April. We're staying at the Gansevoort, and I've been given the task of finding somewhere for dinner on one of the nights. The parameters are:

-Able to accommodate 25 people inside. I know April is supposed to be good weather, but I can't take the chance if its raining.
-Walking distance to the Gansevoort Hotel. We're having dinner one night AT the hotel, and it's too hard to co-ordinate 25 people getting into cabs.
-Reasonably priced. This seems to be the biggest stumbling block. We'd like to keep appetizers under $15 and mains under $25.
-Interesting yet basic menu. We've got a wide age range and cultural backgrounds.

It would also be great if we could find somewhere close to other bars or clubs, in case some people do want to go out afterwards, but this isn't necessary

So far, I've looked at the following:

Tiramisu - A friend said that they couldn't accommodate us all inside - can anyone confirm this?
AltaMare - too far
Meat Market - no prices on their online menu, so I suspect too expensive
Eden - same as above for Meat Market - no prices on their online menu
Ago - too expensive
Joe Allen - too far away
PubBelly - too exotic

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. Indomania close by and in your price range, but may be too exotic.

    131 26th St, Miami Beach, FL 33140

    1. Does anyone have an opinion of Yuca on Lincoln Road? I remember having a decent dinner there a few years ago.

      Yuca Restaurant
      501 Lincoln Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139