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Jan 18, 2011 09:08 AM

Buying a new range. Help.

I'm an old school type of cook. My favorite stove/oven was a 1950's number I had in the apt we rented when I was a teenager. Gas all the way. When I started looking at ranges, and knowing my cooking style, I wanted at least 5 burners not crowded on top of each other and a broiler. I like my steak. Every oven is convection now with multiple functions. I'm cross eyed. I want something that heats evenly and cooks my food well. I don't bake often.

Come to find that broilers are a dying breed. After researching ad nauseum I'm at a total loss. I budgeted $2000 for this and then ran into a AGA Legacy 44 inch discounted (floor model) and drooled on myself. I can make my budget fit (and my kitchen design as I was looking at 36" ranges) but is it worth trying to do so? I don't really k now anything about it. Everything I've read online has mixed reviews and that's for everything from Ktichenaid to Wolf.

Then I'm wondering, should I make the jump to induction?

So knowing what I just wrote down can anyone give me some direction here?

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  1. On the legacy check out the drawers. This was a few years ago, but they just seemed sort of flimsy. Also look at it from the side. The oven is very shallow. These were both deal killers for me, but maybe not for you. I did wind up after a stint with another brand, with a Wolf 36 inch range. I would see if you have somewhere that you might cook on a range you are considering. I would consider induction. All ranges have some problems but how the companies resolve these issues is what counts. One thing with the convection ovens is that they are shallower because of the fan, but I do love convection for some things. Check out

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      My husband's only issue with the Legacy was that for the price he'd have expected the doors to be more substantial. They don't seem to seal enough for his taste. I worry I'm getting tied up in the esthetic's of the unit. I'm a sucker for a vintage look. The largest thing I make every year is the Thanksgiving turkey which is never over 21lbs. The 44" Legacy would fit that.

      I've never had a convection - toaster oven aside and all I've used it for is for frozen pizza and a quick chicken drumstick meal. The few times I tried making cookies with it, it was a total fail but then again I'm not the best baker in the world.

    2. I would consider induction but there are fewer induction ranges (Sears, Diva, Samsung, maybe GE) which limits the choice you may have. You could always have a wall oven and cooktop. There's also the issue of cookware for induction if you're not already set up.

      What do you like to use the broiler for, and can a salamander replace that for you?

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        not enough space for a wall oven. Would have loved that though. No issue with cookware as the pieces I have work both induction and gas. I'll moan the loss of roasting my peppers over flame. Budget doesn't exist for a Salamander let alone the space.

        Dad was European. Much of my growing up involved a roasted vegetable dish and well seasoned steak broiled. I don't have a grill so this is my salvation. I'll also use it to make vegetables quickly and to make creme brulee. I seem to be one of the few people in this world that loves having a broiler.

      2. When I saw your $2000 I immediately thought of my brand new NXR 30" DRGB3001 range which has excellent broiler (infrared 16,500 BTU) and this is almost exactly what I paid for it. But the range has 4 burners (all large) and is 30", its 36" version is much more expensive.

        1. The Thermador Pro series offers a nice feature, the 5 star burner. This allows heat on the inner as well as the outer part of your pan. They also have 2 burners that have a simmer feature that is a must for those things you like to cook long and slow. I have had 2 of these and found them to be very easy to cook on with just the 4 burners and a griddle in the middle (36" range). That said my next range is going to be a Dacor. I am a kitchen designer and I have the opportunity to help clients in selecting their appliances. For those that like to bake a lot I usually recommend the Wolf or Dacor. For those that rarely bake I try to steer them to the Thermador. They are all excellent appliances with some different features. Thermador used to have a showroom in So Calif. that did demonstrations. I am no longer there so not sure. If you go to there website you could check it out. I know Dacor has demonstrations as well. Best of luck and HAPPY COOKIN.