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Help - A drink at a pewter / zinc bar?

ISO a place to take my wife for a drink...she is a big fan of the zinc / pewter bar. I believe Voile and Bouchee have,and looking for some other suggestions. Thanks

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  1. I believe Gaslight has a zinc bar.

    1. Bouchee is no more; not sure if its successor Papa Razzi kept the zinc bar or not.

      Gaslight and La Voile do indeed have a zinc bars. Also: Les Zygomates in the Leather District.


        1. What is the allure of the zinc / pewter bar? Thanks!

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              Maybe. I'm wondering if it keeps your drink cold?

          1. Brasserie Jo -- and they've got a killer martini...

            Brasserie Jo
            120 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

            1. Gaslights was supposedly made by the last Paris maker of Zinc bars. Shipped over in one piece, and loaded in the window by crane, to 25 guys who carried it by hand, and put in in it's final location....

              1. Thanks for these tips...I will report back! Let me say...even though people call these bars "zinc" they are pewter. The french seem to have always used "le zinc" as a generic term for a metal bar (perhaps the early ones were) but now they are almost always pewter...which is 95% tin.

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                  Who knew zinc bars were actually tin?

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                    Exactly. If you look at the maker's mark on the bar at Gaslight, you will see is says "Nectoux", which is the maker, and if you look at their website you will see “The Zincs” Bistrot Style “1900 - 1930” The quality of our tin is in compliance food regulations EU and US

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                      Wow, you know your zinc, er tin, bars.

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                        Lovely to look at, but a bitch to clean. So if you sit at one, be respectful!

                2. Bomboa on Stanhope street took over the location of a restaurant called Zinc a few (8?) years ago. Zinc was so named for its huge,20ft + long, zinc bar. I know the zinc bar stayed on as a part of Bamboa way back then. They may have since made some changes to their decor, but it may still be there.

                  Bomboa Restaurant
                  35 Stanhope St, Boston, MA 02116