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Jan 18, 2011 08:58 AM

NYC catering for about 80 people for under $7-8,000?

I am getting married next November in Brooklyn and have found it very difficult to find a caterer that is priced less than $14,000 (includes food, staff, plates, cups, etc)...Our budget would allow us to spend at the very most $7,000.

We are expecting around 70-80 people.

We are also doing all of this long distance (I am in VA, he is in London) so it is proving to be much more difficult than I had anticipated.

Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated!

*We have also considered maybe changing venues to have it at a restaurant instead to better accomdate our budget as well as our stress levels, so any recommendations for restaurants would be great too!

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  1. Considering your limited budget, you might want to consider getting married on a Thurs or Fri.
    Also, if you limit alcohol to wine & beer, you'll greatly cut down on the cost. Considering the present economy, you might well be able to take over an entire small restaurant for your celebration. We did that for about 80 guests for a birthday party (In SI) and it was wonderful!
    We chose a place with a parking lot and contracted with a vendor to provide guest parking

    1. Based on recent experience, I'd recommend checking with The Halcyon Gourmet (based in Greenpoint) and Red Table (based in Williamsburg). Both places might be able to work with that figure, although neither provide alcohol so that would be an additional expense. Also, if you're OK with a more old-school Italian style, check out Bassett Caterers. They are SO cheap compared to everyone else, and the food is good.

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        Agree that Bassett is pretty inexpensive, tho' their food can be hit or miss. The OP would have to locate a hall to rent. That can prove to be quite challenging

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          The OP mentions considering "changing venues," so I assumed that they have a place already. If not, then yes – finding a location can be a challenge on top of everything else.

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            Ahhh, I see... I thought she meant changing what she would consider in terms of catering hall vs restaurant.

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        1. Contact Aaron at Night Kitchen. Sometimes he doesn't return messages as fast as one would want, but his food is VERY reasonably priced, delicious (REALLY DELICIOUS) and he serves gigantic portions! I use him for work functions often and I will tell him 10 peopel or less are coming than what we are actually expecting and we still have leftovers! Not that I want to cheat him,, but i know he cooks like a grandmother when it comes to amounts of leftovers!

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            I hope his food is better prepared than his site. :-)

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