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Jan 18, 2011 07:36 AM

Company dinner at G&M

Okay, I've gone back and read all the criticisms of G&M, but will be participating in a company dinner at the place, so I can't avoid it. Fortunately (?) I have a shellfish allergy. Is ANYTHING palatable at the place? Maybe I should use my allergy as an excuse for us not to go there :)

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  1. They'll burn you a steak. Or the fried chicken, which is not bad. Actually, I prefer their carry-out side for a decent sub, but I guess that's out.

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      I tried their fried chicken once, and you're right, it's not bad. Sure, not the best in the area, but it's ok. It's a company dinner, so you just go and resign yourself to the fact that this isn't gourmet eats.

    2. The prime rib is not bad. Make sure to order a cut with the bone.

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        one time while at GM there were 2 kids who were high school wrestlers sitting next to me chowing down on some fairly large, rare, good looking prime rib. Of course we all had the 36-EE pair of booby look alike asian crab meat crab cakes staring us in the eyes on everyones plates at our table.

      2. It's only one meal. Why make an issue? Just order soup and salad, or side dishes.

        Don't ever feel obligated to order dishes when dining out. I used to travel extensively, and would just order a salad and appetizer. I did not want to waste food that I couldn't eat and carry home as I was staying in a hotel. Restaurants are very accommodating, especially when you call ahead.

        I hope my suggestions help you. Please, on behalf of your career, dine out and have some really good side dishes and salads. No one should be "policing" what you are eating. FoiGras

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          Actually, during my one meal at G&M, the salad and side dishes were even worse than the crab cakes if that's possible.

          1. The house-made pickled beets don't suck.

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              Yes, and how can you beat French fries and gravy?