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Table 17...recent experiences?

Haven't been there in over a year. My experience was pretty good, but obviously didn't make me eager to go back. Anyone have a recent dining experience there that they would like to discuss? I'm hoping to hear good things.

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  1. Hi grandgourmand, I haven't been in over a year also. Actually, the first and last time I went there was the Sunday when you were there for the first time. It was OK but nothing special. I'd also like to know how it is now. Did you go back after that first visit? I seem to recall some positive reviews in the last year.

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      That was my one and only time. I'm generally unexcited about the Leslieville dining scene, although it has potential. I'm hoping for Table 17 to be my local place. Each time we go out, I try to think of places in the area, but we end up heading to a different neighbourhood.

      Le Rossignol reviews are mixed.

      Table 17
      782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

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        I too would like a local place. :-(

        Prohibition is my local in terms of drinks but I'd like a solid dining options that would be ok for when I'm solo and just too lazy or not wanting too cook and a place the SO and I can go on his nights off (Sun/Mon) without making a trek across the city.

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          Table 17 has a deal on Sunday/Monday nights from what I recall..

          I bought a voucher for them off one of the deal sites so I plan to go in the next few months. Will post back after my meal there!

          Table 17
          782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

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            If you aren't too far from Globe Bistro, it has some good deals on Sundays (1/2 price bottles of wine) plus they also have a 3 course fixed price dinner. But I found the quantity of food in that meal on the small side for me.

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          You're right - I was there in December for brunch, and several dinners last year. Have always found the service to be very good, and I like the room. The food ranges from good to excellent (chili ribs) and is always satisfying, yet you don't get that feeling of "dying to go back". To me, it's a friendly and reliable place when I can't think of anywhere else to go besides Gio's, but I don't want Italian, and I don't want to travel too far.

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            I've been twice recently (once a Sunday night, the other a Monday night) and was really pleased with the food. It's a table d'hote those evenings, with byow and no corkage. We didn't bring wine either evenings, but I noticed lots of diners who did. I thought the service was great, and the food was really good. Loved the beef cheeks. I also love the fact that it's local for me.

          2. I visited last year, early summer, I had one of those vouchers from like Groupon. I found the service at the time to be sub par and the food not memorable. Not sure if it has changed in recent months.

            1. i also have the Groupon coupon.
              we were going to use it for brunch, since the dinner menu doesn't look remarkable.

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                -I hate always being the negative person that gets squashed by the modereators but when would you EVER think you'd get the true test of a resto with a "groupon"??????

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                  Yes, I would.. If they don't give me good service using a Groupon I would never be back as a regular customer. The whole point of the Groupon or other group deals should be to attract a new audience to your restaurant and not just a one off sale of $40-$50.

              2. I was there in November for a birthday celebration. Food was good, not spectacular, but solid. I had huge problems with our service though! We had pre-arranged a vegan meal for our birthday girl but the server basically told us, "this is all we have" - consequently, she was forced to eat side dishes of everything. He also ruined the birthday cake surprise (I had purchased a vegan one and cleared this earlier with management) by shouting this fact out prior to dessert...in retrospect, I should have spoken to management but instead just left in a pissy huff and likely won't go back real soon...I hate having bad service!

                1. Well, I put it to the test myself. Saturday night, I was dining alone so went for a stroll looking for a place where I could eat at the bar. Gio Rana's...packed. Ceili Cottage..packed. I wasn't surprised, but nonetheless disapointed.

                  Turned around and headed westwards. Fare...score, spot at the bar. Waitress informs me that a meal will take an hour. Side note, Fare is always empty when I walk by (I live super close) and I was happy to see them get some business. But pretty much turning me away, single male with a big appetite and a weakness for the drink? It wasn't THAT busy. Good luck to them, is all I can say.

                  Continued westwards. Walked by the Roy, thought about it and passed....the place just seems so generically "Irish Pub". L'il Baci, not in the mood. Which brought me to Table 17.

                  Long story short, I had a good experience. There was a spot at the bar. I ordered 6 oysters as an appetizer and steak tartare as my main, with fries and a salad. The oysters were delicious, sweet and meaty enough for pretty small ones. Possibly the best I've had at a non-oyster bar. I forget the type.

                  Steak tartare, well, I've been making my own lately, and my A game tartare is tough to beat. This one didn't, but it was good enough. The bread points were cut too thick, and not toasted enough. The fries were tasty, but a bit limp. I liked the salad, which consisted of a variety of interesting greens (aka, i don't know what kind).

                  The special for the night was a bone-in ribeye, grass-fed, for $35, served with polenta (I THINK). Sounded good, but I didn't order it.

                  Had three beers. Sapporo, Beau's and Trois Pistoles on tap. I was happy. And as luck would have it, they sat two pretty girls next to me at the bar. One had ordered Arancini and told me they were delicious (one filled with lamb, one with cheese and mushroom, forget the other).

                  Service from the bartender was good, and he was VERY busy making mixed drinks. So I was impressed.

                  Overall, food 6.5/10. Service 9/10. Ambiance 9/10 (decent music, not too loud).

                  Will I go back to Table 17? You bet. Will it be next weekend? Probably not.

                  What I'd really love is for Niagara St. cafe to move to Leslieville...would need a name change.

                  Table 17
                  782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

                  1. I was there with a group a couple of Mondays ago, upstairs. We had to order from the prix fixe menu or limited Monday smaller portion choices. I had to order a side veggie to augment the 3-course meal. It was not exciting food - rather small portions and not very memorable. I didn't have a groupon, and 18% service was automatically added to each bill. I wouldn't go back. On the bright side, there was free corkage, and cocktails were under $10.

                    1. I have mixed feelings about this place. We used to go quite often and always had fabulous service and great food. We went for brunch with the Groupon and our service was not great, but the food was still pretty good. The pastry was impossibly soggy on the tart of the day, and the server basically ignored me when I commented on it. We made reservations for dinner a month or two later, and the restaurant cancelled them electronically without a phone call. When I called to see what had happened, the person on the phone said that my account had made and then cancelled quite a few reservations. This is true because 1. We often intend to go there, and then a day or a few days before we decide we're not willing to make the trek that far from downtown. 2. Plans change, we work late, whatever. Considering that we had been there so often, I was annoyed that they thought this made it appropriate to be rude to me. Anyway, we went to dinner and it started very well. We had great service and the food was very good. We paid with gift certificates (not groupon's - just gift certificates), and the manager who was no more than 10 feet away was visibly annoyed at this. He was unbelievably unprofessional, and we were not very impressed. We still had half of a $70 bottle of wine left (it was sitting nearby, not on our table), but the server never came back. We left and haven't been back since. We still have a $40 gc for the place, but I'd rather gift it then go back. Nota Bene has become our go to restaurant and in more than a year, and more than 15 visits, we have never been disappointed in the service.

                      Table 17
                      782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

                      Nota Bene
                      180 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 2A1, CA

                      1. Guess I should reply to my own post here. I had dinner there two Fridays ago, and in a nutshell I probably won't be back.

                        I ordered their steak special, which was a 12 oz. ribeye, served with braised cabbage and some spaetzle.

                        1) The steak came pre-sliced, which I normally only see with tougher non-conventional cuts (e.g. flatiron, bavette)
                        2) The presentation was horrid. Looked like the steak was just tossed on to the plate with no care for placement
                        3) The steak was not very good. Not juicy, though the doneness was correct. For $36 bucks, I expect a very good steak.
                        4) The spaetzle, I guess was fried, not sure. They tasted stale and dry. No redeeming flavours.

                        For my wife and I to eat this steak, her main (short ribs), some fries, a glass of wine and a bottle of sparkling water was about $100. My main, aside from being subpar, had been hyped by the server, which amplified my disapointment.

                        I'm re-reading my own review from about a year ago. I'd put the food at 5/10, the service at 7/10 and same for ambiance.

                        1. I actually prefer the brunch at Table 17 more than dinner. Althought everything was still too salt for me....I like the composition of the dishes. They have decent good scotch eggs!

                          1. This is my neighborhood go- to spot. Wouldn't make a trip out to leslieville for it, but since I live nearby I find it the most reliable place. I was last there in Dec, had the short ribs which were delicious

                            1. Second visit to Table 17 a year later. Food still mediocre and the service has gone from efficient to almost bordering on aggressive. Our server told us that she "didn't agree with our order" because we had ordered shared plates to start and then gone directly to mains by passing individual apps. We explained that we were on our way out for a concert and didn't want to be too full. She simply shook here head and said "i just don't feel good out it". I always appreciate and solicit guidance for servers - who should be able to guide you through the menu and your meal but I don't expect to be admonished for my order.

                              The other thing that put a damper on the evening was the sporadic spell of sewer gas that wafting by our table. Not sure it was coming through the grate at our feet but it certainly was unpleasant.
                              disappointing evening. certainly not going back.
                              had such high hopes for this neighborhood spot

                              1. I was there a month or 2 ago as part of a group of 3 and quite enjoyed Table 17 (although definitely didn't have the same server as gyrphgirl). The restaurant was full that night and there was nice energy without too much noise. I did really enjoy the food. I had the 17 Salad - which was greens with pine nuts, black currants and Piave as well as a nice dressing - not earth shattering but a good effort. I also had the main course size of the diver scallops which were perfectly roasted and served with served withbéarnaise sauce and guanciale. It was really a lovely dish but the portion was very very small, even for $24 as a main. We also shared some of the "hot balls" which we could not order without laughing but which were good all round risotto croquettes. I don't recall the exact wine we had but there were good choices and not too expensive. Table 17 isn't somewhere I would drive across the city to visit but if you are in the area it is a sound choice for me at least, if a bit expensive.

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                                  Hey gyrpgirl, sounds like we had the same server.

                                  Went to Table 17 for an anniversary dinner, so was looking to order some good wines and lots of food (was in celebrattory mood!).
                                  When the server finally got round to our table, she didn't even mention the specials. We were in middle of ordering when it occured to us that they would likely have specials. She then replied- 'yes, we do have specials.' followed by silence. So, after prompting her to perhaps relay such specials onto us, she took our order, with very little hospitable warmth, and more of a patronizing sneer.

                                  Upon bringing us our wine/food, she 'bowed' each time-very strange- in a very condescending manner. Not sure what her intent was with the bow, but it was very disengenuous, almost awkward.

                                  After our mediocre meal, she cleared our table, then swiftly brought us the bill. No 'would you like some more wine, deserts, liquers' etc? Just the bill. We didn't ask for the bill- purely her assumption. Again, not making us feel very welcome.

                                  So, on that note, we paid the bill, left a loonie tip, and went to joy bistro and ordered a few bottles of chammpers.

                                  I am assuming table 17 doesn't have a hiring policy where smugness, rudeness, and indifference is a must, but this humourless, and rather unpleasant server is in the wrong business.

                                  Must say though, the man who seated us was friendly, personable and welcoming. Forget his name, had a british accent. Table 17 needs more like him methinks.

                                  Verdict: Don't go, spend you money elsewhere. Service and food not worth it. Nowhere near.....

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                                    We had a similar experience there in Jan (I think it was). Very cold, very slow service. They werent accomodating at all (we had a friend with us who keeps gluten free for health reasons (celiac) and we did the pre fix and asked if she could just have a scoop of ice cream or something as none of the dessert options were GF and she said no.
                                    Not to mention that the food was very mediocre. I was embarrassed for choosing the place for my group.

                                2. Saw today that the building(s) are up for sale with a 30 day occupancy for the space. I know this place didn't get universal love on here, but we always enjoyed our meals here.

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                                    Well my wife and I ate there once and that was enough, it was nothing that stood out and made us want to go back.

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                                      the building is for sale, but is table 17s lease expiring with the sale or are you saying table 17 is closing?

                                      i enjoyed my one meal there a couple months back. i had steak frite and pate and bread. all good.

                                      - khao san road

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                                        I hope they're not closing.

                                        I've been twice and ate well both times. Nice little place.

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                                          It is still very much open btw.

                                    2. We just had a very pleasant experience here. Had the Monday night table d'hôte ($35 prix fixe with a few extra sides). Our server was nice, helpful and non-obtrusive, and we loved that it wasn't a deafening restaurant. We had no trouble having conversation over dinner!
                                      For cocktails, the blueberry mojito was very nice but the Caribbean Orchard (rum, honey, mint, bitters and soda) was on the bland side.
                                      Our table of three started by sharing the polenta with veal ragout, which the chef came out and spooned over the polenta himself from the pot – very cute. This may have been our favourite dish of the evening. It was kind of wintry for August but richly flavoured with beautifully braised meat. With that we shared fried artichokes with orange mayo – great combo!
                                      The corn chowder app was hearty (tho I guess we ended up with four courses because of the extras, so that might explain finding things a little heavy) with sweet, crunchy fresh corn. Our friend was thrilled with the pea shoot salad.
                                      The pickerel main was absolutely delicious - perfectly done fish, moist and flaky with dry crunchy skin. I would go back just to have that again. The accompaniments were fairly plain but tasty and fresh - green and yellow beans in a goat yogourt sauce and a fennel and grapefruit salad.
                                      The spaghetti with duck confit, duck skin and pea shoots wasn't quite as big a hit, though that was partly a matter of taste - preferring non-fresh pasta for spaghetti and being surprised by the hidden cream sauce. There wasn't too much of the cream sauce but there was no warning on the menu. That said, the flavours were very good and the duck was really tender. We also shared a side of fresh peas, which were good but a bit too buttery.
                                      For dessert I had the “panna colada”, a fragrant vanilla-coconut panna cotta with a piece of compressed pineapple and a cherry (from the backyard) macerated in rum. The fruit crisps (blackberry-blueberry-rhubarb and strawberry-rhubarb) were both nicely done and not too sweet.
                                      All in all I would definitely go back for a reasonably-priced, not too loud neighbourhood dinner - we found the food considerably better than mediocre. (Of course this thread helped moderate our expectations!)

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                                        I've taken loads of friends there, and all have enjoyed the food, the attentive yet non intrusive service, and the low noise levels. The food is not spectacular, compared to Note Bene lets say, but everything is good, and the daily polenta is always delicious.