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Jan 18, 2011 07:17 AM

Table 17...recent experiences?

Haven't been there in over a year. My experience was pretty good, but obviously didn't make me eager to go back. Anyone have a recent dining experience there that they would like to discuss? I'm hoping to hear good things.

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  1. Hi grandgourmand, I haven't been in over a year also. Actually, the first and last time I went there was the Sunday when you were there for the first time. It was OK but nothing special. I'd also like to know how it is now. Did you go back after that first visit? I seem to recall some positive reviews in the last year.

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    1. re: foodyDudey

      That was my one and only time. I'm generally unexcited about the Leslieville dining scene, although it has potential. I'm hoping for Table 17 to be my local place. Each time we go out, I try to think of places in the area, but we end up heading to a different neighbourhood.

      Le Rossignol reviews are mixed.

      Table 17
      782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

      1. re: grandgourmand

        I too would like a local place. :-(

        Prohibition is my local in terms of drinks but I'd like a solid dining options that would be ok for when I'm solo and just too lazy or not wanting too cook and a place the SO and I can go on his nights off (Sun/Mon) without making a trek across the city.

        1. re: JennaBean

          Table 17 has a deal on Sunday/Monday nights from what I recall..

          I bought a voucher for them off one of the deal sites so I plan to go in the next few months. Will post back after my meal there!

          Table 17
          782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA

          1. re: JennaBean

            If you aren't too far from Globe Bistro, it has some good deals on Sundays (1/2 price bottles of wine) plus they also have a 3 course fixed price dinner. But I found the quantity of food in that meal on the small side for me.

        2. re: foodyDudey

          You're right - I was there in December for brunch, and several dinners last year. Have always found the service to be very good, and I like the room. The food ranges from good to excellent (chili ribs) and is always satisfying, yet you don't get that feeling of "dying to go back". To me, it's a friendly and reliable place when I can't think of anywhere else to go besides Gio's, but I don't want Italian, and I don't want to travel too far.

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            I've been twice recently (once a Sunday night, the other a Monday night) and was really pleased with the food. It's a table d'hote those evenings, with byow and no corkage. We didn't bring wine either evenings, but I noticed lots of diners who did. I thought the service was great, and the food was really good. Loved the beef cheeks. I also love the fact that it's local for me.

          2. I visited last year, early summer, I had one of those vouchers from like Groupon. I found the service at the time to be sub par and the food not memorable. Not sure if it has changed in recent months.

            1. i also have the Groupon coupon.
              we were going to use it for brunch, since the dinner menu doesn't look remarkable.

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              1. re: atomeyes

                -I hate always being the negative person that gets squashed by the modereators but when would you EVER think you'd get the true test of a resto with a "groupon"??????

                1. re: BeachHeath

                  Yes, I would.. If they don't give me good service using a Groupon I would never be back as a regular customer. The whole point of the Groupon or other group deals should be to attract a new audience to your restaurant and not just a one off sale of $40-$50.

              2. I was there in November for a birthday celebration. Food was good, not spectacular, but solid. I had huge problems with our service though! We had pre-arranged a vegan meal for our birthday girl but the server basically told us, "this is all we have" - consequently, she was forced to eat side dishes of everything. He also ruined the birthday cake surprise (I had purchased a vegan one and cleared this earlier with management) by shouting this fact out prior to retrospect, I should have spoken to management but instead just left in a pissy huff and likely won't go back real soon...I hate having bad service!

                1. Well, I put it to the test myself. Saturday night, I was dining alone so went for a stroll looking for a place where I could eat at the bar. Gio Rana's...packed. Ceili Cottage..packed. I wasn't surprised, but nonetheless disapointed.

                  Turned around and headed westwards. Fare...score, spot at the bar. Waitress informs me that a meal will take an hour. Side note, Fare is always empty when I walk by (I live super close) and I was happy to see them get some business. But pretty much turning me away, single male with a big appetite and a weakness for the drink? It wasn't THAT busy. Good luck to them, is all I can say.

                  Continued westwards. Walked by the Roy, thought about it and passed....the place just seems so generically "Irish Pub". L'il Baci, not in the mood. Which brought me to Table 17.

                  Long story short, I had a good experience. There was a spot at the bar. I ordered 6 oysters as an appetizer and steak tartare as my main, with fries and a salad. The oysters were delicious, sweet and meaty enough for pretty small ones. Possibly the best I've had at a non-oyster bar. I forget the type.

                  Steak tartare, well, I've been making my own lately, and my A game tartare is tough to beat. This one didn't, but it was good enough. The bread points were cut too thick, and not toasted enough. The fries were tasty, but a bit limp. I liked the salad, which consisted of a variety of interesting greens (aka, i don't know what kind).

                  The special for the night was a bone-in ribeye, grass-fed, for $35, served with polenta (I THINK). Sounded good, but I didn't order it.

                  Had three beers. Sapporo, Beau's and Trois Pistoles on tap. I was happy. And as luck would have it, they sat two pretty girls next to me at the bar. One had ordered Arancini and told me they were delicious (one filled with lamb, one with cheese and mushroom, forget the other).

                  Service from the bartender was good, and he was VERY busy making mixed drinks. So I was impressed.

                  Overall, food 6.5/10. Service 9/10. Ambiance 9/10 (decent music, not too loud).

                  Will I go back to Table 17? You bet. Will it be next weekend? Probably not.

                  What I'd really love is for Niagara St. cafe to move to Leslieville...would need a name change.

                  Table 17
                  782 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON M4M 1H4, CA