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Jan 18, 2011 06:50 AM

openings and closings - winter 2011

i've seen several interesting things walking around the city, but haven't noticed discussion here on CH, so i'm stealing this idea from the boston boards to have a place to share notes.

to kick it off:

- moshi moshi, the dim-looking sushi place on 18th between sansom and chestnut, has changed ownership and re-opened as numa. more info here, including an interesting bit about the business model:

- i saw some signage for another new sushi place on 20th, just south of walnut, across from the citizen's bank atm and eye candy. can't remember the name, and haven't been by it recently to check on progress.

- slate, the new american place on 21st south of chestnut (next to tampopo), appears to have closed as i passed by it yesterday. while it's normal for businesses to not open on MLK, their windows and door were papered up.

- falafel factory, which opened on 18th just a few months ago, appears to have closed in the past month. never went inside, but the samples they gave out around opening weren't great, and the place was always empty.

- pearl, the trendoid asian fusion / nightclub joint at 19th and chestnut closed a while back and just reopened as kokopelli, a southwestern small plates restaurant. more here:

what else is shakin' in philly?

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  1. Good idea for posting updates. Is there a Montreal style bagel place coming to around 20th and Spruce?

    I posted elsewhere that La Fuente pizza has replaced Joey's at 515 South Street.

    It appears that Paesano's has closed their Italian Market location as they scout for a new one nearby.

    1. I hate to hate on a thread, but this topic is so well covered by Foobooz that speculation here kind of just muddies the water.

      Michael Klein also addresses openings and closings in an extremely timely manner:

      I think the quality of the food "journalism" in Phila is the reason these kinds of threads are uncommon on Chowhound. I would like to hear more gossip about unannounced openings and closings on here, however--such as the news on Slate and La Fuente, which I haven't seen covered.

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      1. re: barryg

        the food journalism is pretty good in boston too, but people still seem to get value out of this kind of thread over there, primarily as a place to discuss with like-minded folk, rather than mull the news in solitude. it also helps to collect sometimes conflicting sources and pieces of information and sort through gossip.

        but no pride of ownership: if philly hounds don't find it useful, this thread will die quietly.

      2. I don't believe Slate has closed, the papered windows on that block is the forthcoming Rotisseur, French-style rotisserie for that block.

        The next Paesano's location is set, it is the former Bebe's location, deeper into the Italian Market. The 9th and Christian location will become Monsu, a Sicilian restaurant.

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        1. re: foobooz

          the paper was definitely in their window. i stopped to look at the menu and inspect for signs of life. that being said, i just called them and they're open for dinner tonight. so scratch that!

          1. re: coookie

            As far as Slate, I have been by there a couple of different times and thought they were closed later to find out they're still there, i think it's something with the tint of a window.

        2. Went to numa last week for lunch. Sat at the sushi bar. Had a very nice sashimi lunch special - good quality fish and the service was nice. Good quality hot tea as well. I'll be going back.

          1. Forest & main Brewpub is opening in Ambler this Spring, from Beerlass:

            By the end of Spring, you could be sitting at the bar at the Forrest and Main Brewery and Pub enjoying a beer. Expect old world style ales, artisan breads and seasonally inspired dishes in this 19th century Victorian House.

            There are two ambitious young men behind this great development in Montgomery County's beer scene. Daniel Endicott and Gerard Olson -a name you might recognize from his four years at McKenzies brewhouse (Yes, during the time of those gold medalling saisons under Ryan Michaels).

            Daniel studied traditional British brewing techniques at the University of Sunderland’s BrewLab, in North East England. The duo will combine talents to brew English-style session beers, farmhouse barrel-aged beers, and a variety of seasonal one-offs.

            The kitchen will offer house made artisan breads to accompany the seasonally inspired, locally sourced dishes. Together, the food and beer will be served in a wholly unique setting, bringing to mind the quaint neighborhood pubs of Britain and inspiring cafes of France.