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Jan 18, 2011 05:28 AM


Has anyone been there since the new Chef took over when Mike Phillips left? I've heard very mixed things.

Trying to book my V-day reservation and Craftsman is on the short list.

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  1. I've been in there several times in the time since the chef changeover and there is no difference other than maybe the charcutterie plate is a little different. In fact, my wife likes the menu better now as it offers more vegetarian selections. There also wasn't any staff changeover with the chef change, which often happens. So overall, no difference now than this time last year.

    This was in the paper last week about their brunch and chef changeover:

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      Going tonight. Any recs besides charcuterie ? Thanks

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        It is still one our our favorites--close enough to walk does not hurt. There are not huge changes, if you liked it before you will like it now. The chacuterie plate was still delicious, and a great value. I agree that there are more veggie options and that makes me happy, too.

        I took my brother (from out of town) there on Wednesday night. It was really busy considering it was mid week and 2 degrees outside.

        I had the gnocci with pheasant. It was tasty but not awe inspiring. My husband had the duck confit and cassoulet. He thought it was quite good. My brother had the special, which was a Maryland sea bass. He thought it was very interesting and enjoyed it thoroughly. He said that "it was a surprisingly strong spice to go with fish, but it worked." (I think it was harrissa.)

        Some standards I like include: the cabbage, beet and blue cheese salad; the pancetta adds a nice flavor and it is a good serving even if you split it. The rueben and the lamb burger are always good. (yes, sometimes I pick veggie options!)

        The food can waver from good to great, but we have always had fabulous service, and I really like the feel of the place.

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          went last night and was good, not great. nothing majorly wrong, but will definitey not make a special trip to return

          Some highlights from the meal

          - Spicy Ham and Chickpea soup: Probably the best dish of the night; very nice kick to it and the chickpeas werent overcooked

          - Chacuterie: Some excellent and some ok; the crustini was great, as well the horseradish mustard and duck pastrami; the terrines were too salty and not that flavorful

          -Lamb chops: 2 chops, one was cooked perfectly (med rare) and the other was slightly overcooked. meal was not high quality, rather gamey; side of spaghetti squash was ok, but didnt really pair with the rest of the meal

          - Wifey had the pasta special. homemade pasta was good, but not that memorable

          - Dessert were the beignets which was very good; along with the soup were the highlights of the meal

          - Waitress was very well versed in the menu and understood how everything was cooked; service was very slow (surprising since the restaurant was 60% full most of the night)

          Craftsman Restaurant
          4300 Lake Street, Minneapolis, MN 55406