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Jan 18, 2011 04:38 AM

Any good donuts in the Hartford, CT area?

We are looking for old-fashioned donuts - not the Dunkin Donut kind. Are there any places that make their own great donuts?

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  1. Elmwood Pastry Shop on New Britain Ave, West Hartford--powdered jelly donuts--yikes, so good!

    Elmwood Pastry Shop
    1136 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06110

    1. I'll be the first (of many I suspect) to recommend Tastease. They make really great donuts.

      They're at 70 New Park Avenue in Hartford

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      1. re: Zobot

        while you are selecting the beautiful donuts make sure you put in an order for his amazing sandwiches. So far everyone has been great. (Pastrami, cuban, cheese steak)

      2. Both of the places mentioned are good!

        1. There are only two places for real old-fashioned homemade donuts ... Gerry's Donuts at 180 Windsorville Road in Ellington. And Luke's Donuts at 395 West Avon Road in Avon. OMG ... TO ... DIE ... FOR!

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          1. re: Quint41

            YES! I completely agree with the Luke's and Gerry's suggestions.

          2. Faddy's. Tried them this weekend at the CT Expo Center. Most awesome donuts I've personally ever had. Bought 6 for $4 and polished them off myself. Usually, I am very diet-conscious but there was no way of getting around these round mounds of love.

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              I'm hoping Faddy's is reading this. I've been driving by their Bloomfield location for months now and just the sign is up and the windows covered in brown paper. The owner emailed me (a reply to my email) in October I think and said they should be opening soon. Every day...I look, I linger and I'm disappointed. Can't wait for them to open.

              1. re: masha bousha

                I drove by a couple weeks ago and was hoping they would be open! WE WANT DONUTS!