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Jan 18, 2011 03:35 AM

Concord NH new restaurant "O"

O recently opened. There is a review in Concord Monitor Insider today. Has any chowhound tried it.

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  1. Looks like they did a piece on it in May 2009. Steaks & seafood = not so much "cutting edge."

    I've never heard of it. Is there a link to the recent review?

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      Owner Scott Ouellette also owns "Canoe" in Center Harbor, and "O" in Lakeport. We didn't care for Canoe, but O is definitely one of our top favorites in the Lakes Region. Haven't been to the new one in Concord, so I can't speak about it. I think both of these restaurants have been reviewed on thus board.

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        They just opened in Concord. It was announce a year ago but they must have had some difficulty getting the place outfitted.

      2. Lunch recently, just ok..........the Fish (Haddock) was frozen and not cooked thoroughly.

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        1. We have been twice -the first time we had the sampler app, escargot and calamari. I split a cowboy steak with my brother, cheddar grits on the side. SO had the scallops.

          Oysters were so so, the Kobe "Pops" were overcooked and dry. Escargot was umm... buttery and garlicky (I think escargot is just an excuse to drink butter... delicious delicious butter). Calamari was nicely cooked but the sauce was sticky/sweet and overpowering. I rarely, if ever, order steak in a restaurant but it was an OK cut and cooked properly. Grits were cheesy and good. The scallops were uneventful, not good not bad - the SO loved the corn pudding.

          The second time I had the burger and fries, the SO had a half salad with calamari. The burger was fatty and runny but not juicy, the grind was kinda mealy and tasteless... I don't know how to explain it. The fries were pretty much the Ore-Ida variety. Not worth $15 - $2 more buys a stellar example of a high end burger from the Spotted Pig, NYC. SO's salad was a salad and the calamari was the same as the first time.

          In terms of alcohol, the wines by the glass aren't very interesting but the bottle list has a couple of nice selections, cocktails are well made, a pretty pedestrian beer selection.

          Overall, the food was generally passable but overpriced. Herein lies my issue with all steak places - you can go to the butcher and buy a beautiful steak, you can go to the wine shop and buy a gorgeous bottle of wine. You save money and you get to play with fire. Win/win!

          We WILL go back, however, for the atmosphere - it's probably the only "grown up" bar in Concord. The bartenders are very friendly, the service is very good and the space is quite a bit classier than other options in the area. Just get rid of the big screen TV's!!!

          O Steaks & Seafood
          62 Doris Ray Court, Laconia, NH 03247

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            We've been twice. Definitely a nice interior. The food is very strongly flavored, served in large quantities and is generally pretty caloric. I might go again after some heavy exercise when I'm very hungry and know I'm running a calorie deficit...

            O Steaks & Seafood
            62 Doris Ray Court, Laconia, NH 03247