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Jan 18, 2011 03:08 AM

Kosher Better Than Sex Cupcake Recipe Help

Good morning,
I am rather new on this site, and have joined because I need some experienced guidance. I am in the midst of planning my wedding, and have decided to make the brides cake, and the groom's cupcakes. My fiance really wants a better than sex cake type deal and I found amazing recipe:

This is the original cupcake recipe I began working with, than I came up with the idea to include this decadent and delicious dessert as a basis for my filling:

I also intended to either add pineapples to that as part of the filling idea, or to make a toasted coconut frosting and top that with grilled pineapple. I have several concerns with this process:
First off our best man is Jewish and my maid of honor is Hindu so we basically need a vegan-kosher cake. I honestly have absolutely no kosher baking experience and need guidelines on how I should go about making this recipe. I was looking at non-dairy milk substitutes but am not sure if I would need the additional moisture when adding pineapple and the coconut filling.
Please Help

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  1. What city are you in? Are you opposed to buying cake/cupcakes? Is your caterer/location certified kosher or just ingredient kosher? If your caterer has a hashgacha it is going to give you a very hard time if you want to bake anything yourself. If you're just looking for ingredient kosher, then any vegan bakery should qualify.

    Babycakes in NYC is vegan and is certified kosher.
    The rabbi is most likely not universally accepted, but depending on what you, your best man, and your caterer want it may be enough.

    Good luck with the wedding.

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      I wonder why they proclaim that their products are certified kosher, but don't say by whom.

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        Koshertopia lists Rabbi Malek. I'm sure the company just doesn't understand the need to give the details on its website.

    2. Thank you for being so considerate! Yes, talk to the best man. If he keeps kosher very strictly, he will not be able to eat something baked in a non-kosher kitchen, no matter what the ingredients are. Also, talk with the maid of honor - in my experience, most strict Hindus are lacto-vegetarian, rather than vegan, so you could use dairy, but not eggs.

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        I agree with Gila. Also, I have been using Silk almond milk in my cupcakes and have been quite pleased.

      2. What is the filling? The link is dead.

        1. Sorry about that guys I found an updated version for the link I hope it works better now.
          I would also like to say that I was thinking of making a sort of pina colada inspired better than sex cupcake and was wondering if perhaps I could use rum as a milk substitute? Probably not but I was curious.


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            My guess is not, at least not in that recipe. Milk has a different consistency than rum, and contains protein, which probably helps build the appropriate structure. I would just increase the coconut milk to 1 cup and skip a replacement entirely, but you could go with a nut milk. A soy milk might work texturally, but I tend not to like the flavor that it imparts. You could replace a tablespoon or two of the milk with rum, but I wouldn't do the entire half-cup.