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Dec 1, 2005 05:53 PM

Surprise Birthday Dinner Location!! 20-30people!!!!

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I'm looking for a restaurant that can accomodate 20-30 people. Nothing too expensive, moderately price would be great.

I know a lot of small restaurants that would be good for a few people.

Please HELP!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I had my birthday party at the Minibar on Cahuenga Blvd West. Everyone enjoyed it, the food was great and it was relatively cost-effective as it is a small plates restaurant and my group were foodies, but not big eaters. i had around 14 people for dinner, and more dropped in for drinks afterwards. I'm a little lax in posting my review, but it went very well!

    1. Tough one... 20 to 30 is a lot of people. With a moderate price range you kind of stick yourself with chain restaurants. If you have that many, family style might work the best instead of an indivigual ordering system.


      C&O in Venice. Not the best quality food but it's not as textbook as say Bucca. You get a lot of food for the money so either places would work. Oh, but maybe C&O doesn't take reservations... I'd check on that first.


      Tons of places that can accomodate you. I'm not an expert so I can't recomment anywhere in particular but since there are so many, I'm sure you could find somewhere pretty decent depending on your locale.


      If you're near Brentwood, you could go to Asakuma. Food quality is good to average but I'm Japanese so I'm super picky when it comes to my country's food. The upside is that they have a banquet room that you can reserve for parties up to 40 so you could fit in there. I used to work here when I was a student so I can tell you you'll spend about $35/per with an entree and maybe an appetizer. Black Cod is the best thing on the menu BY FAR. Get it, you'll love it. They also have a full bar so that's a plus too. Managers suck but the GM Mr. Aki is very cool. Talk to him if you go there.

      If it's 20 then Boss Sushi in Beverly Hills could handle you. I don't know about 30. Talk to Koji (GM)or Fernando (Manager) and tell them how much you want to pay per person. They should be able to work out a menu for you that fits your budget. It's not traditional style Japanese but a really good American adaptation of it. They have a full bar too. Some people have reviewed it on the boards but you'll have to go back some to find it.


      Again, totally depends on where you are... Gladstones is nice for a party atmosphere... but man does the food ever suck. Kind of pricey too. Dunno why I even wrote it. I would never go there. Heck, I'm bored at work... Hmmm, I'm not too into American so I can't think of anything...

      Anyway, where ever you decide to go, scope the place out for lunch first before you commit. $10 bucks is worth it to find out if it's somewhere you want to spend hundreds.

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        Just had my dad's 80th birthday celebration at Asakuma - lunch for a party of 25. Service was pretty good - not great - but they were definitely trying to please and very polite. The room was kind of narrow but suited our needs.

        Asakuma is not haute cuisine, but they do the average Japanese restaurant food quite well. I always get the Black Cod here and you are right - it's great. I ordered it with the Spicy Tuna Salad combo. A little Black Cod goes a long way with a bowl of rice. Some of the other combos were the typical ones, like Chicken Teriyaki with Tempura, New York Steak with Tempura, and even Chilean Sea Bass with Tempura. Everyone said they really enjoyed the quality and portions of the meals. Everyone except Mom ordered drinks - didn't keep track of how many, and 25 meals came to just under $500 before tip.

        Seems everyone enjoyed it as Dad called me back and stated that everyone he talked with after the party restated that they had a great time and really enjoyed the food and drinks. He then called again today and said that more folks chimed in saying the food was great. One of the bus staff was even honest enough to retrieve and bring out my sister's camera that she had left on her seat.

      2. Any thoughts as to what part of the world you would like to hold this function?

        1. i just had my birthday party at moun of tunis on sunset. we had a private room that can accomodate about 30-40 people, but they have several other rooms as well. it's very reasonable for big groups and there are belly dancers. it's great for a private party. you eat all the morrocan food with your hands. it's a fun experience.

          1. Fu Rai Bo on Sawtelle (just a bit below Santa Monica) has a tatami room - seats around 25, I think.

            The Carousel in Glendale has a private room. I think they do $/pp for groups, not sure.