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Jan 17, 2011 09:40 PM

Sorrel? Parsley root? Can I find this fresh this time of year and where? [moved from Home Cooking]

I'm making a vegetable soup that calls for sorrel, parsley root, and garlic chives among other things. I'm pretty sure I can find the garlic chives at an Asian market but I'm stumped by the sorrel and parsley root. Anyone have any suggestions of where I could find these things fresh? And if not, can I substitute fresh parsley for the root? I have no idea what sorrel tastes like so I'm not sure about a good substitution there either. Thanks for any help you can throw my way! By the way, I live in Southern California if that helps in figuring out where to buy these.

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  1. I also am in So Cal, and sorrel just kind of grows year-round in my yard. I have some in my fridge, now. It has a sharp, bright, sour taste when raw, kind of like lemon? If you can't find it at your Asian market or farmers' market, perhaps substitute spinach and finish with a small squeeze of lemon.

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      Is it sort of like "sour grass", that stuff we used to pick and eat as kids? It did seem to be everywhere. Thanks too for the suggestion about the spinach and lemon.

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        it does taste a lot like sour grass! i loved that stuff.

        my mom grows sorrel in the backyard, but it shows up at farmer's markets (ditto on parsley root).

    2. you can sub parsley for the root but it won't have quite as deep flavor.

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        Its more like parsnip, even though the flavor is different. Maybe it could be special ordered to through Melissa's Produce.

      2. The fresh herb purveyor at the Pasadena Farmers' Market (I've seen them at many other markets as well, but I can't remember their name) has sorrel and garlic chives. I'm not sure I've ever seen parsley root before, but I've never sought it out.

        1. I got sorrel at the Hollywood FM here in Los Angeles 10 days ago, at one of the fresh herbs sellers (on Ivar above Selma, on the East side of the street). You can't sub anything for sorrel.

          I know I've seen some parsley roots recently because I looked at them and wondered how these were cooked and what to do with them. Either at the Whole Foods on 3rd & Fairfax, or at the Ralph's on Wilshire & Hauser. They are really gnarly and I doubt you can sub fresh parsley for them.

          1. Thanks to you guys for suggesting the farmers' markets. At least now I know that it's available here and at this time of year. I went ahead and made the soup last night without the sorrel or parsley root, using parsley and parsnips. The soup came out great but I look forward to trying it again and including the sorrel and parsley root. You guys are great!