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Jan 17, 2011 05:57 PM

Dinner in Frankfurt, Germany

I have been to Frankfurt many times and still do not have a favorite, must go to restaurant. I am going next week for 2 nights and can use a recommendation for the best of the best.

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    1. Not sure what kind of food you're looking for, but I have a few favorites sprinkled around the city.

      Aubergine for upscale Italian
      Maaschanz or Jaspers (both in Sachsenhausen) are both consistent but small neighborhoody French places, mid-range
      Gerbermühle is also good, though about a 5 minute taxi ride from the city center, also mid-range

      I also went to Estragon recently which was very good, but that's only based on one visit.

      I've been to Francais and agree that it is good, but for me it fell into the category of not quite good enough for the price tag. For that price I want to be blow away and I definitely was not.

      Have fun!

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      1. re: hungry.schatzi

        OP asked for best in Frankfurt, pretty vague question, but if we want to translate that into french influenced fine dining, then Francais it is, disregarding the price, do you not agree? this not being in any ways a knock against your choices

        1. re: shekamoo

          I have a hard time arguing against your point. If it's french fine dining he wants and price is no object than Francais is the place. I just have such a hard time recommending it because I tend to compare it against similar places in other cities and I can't say that measures up.

          But then again, maybe I just need to give it another try, a friend of mine visited it last month and was very happy with his meal. Than again, he was dining on a corporate card.

          1. re: hungry.schatzi

            dining at places like Francais is why we invented corporate accounts in the first place!!

        2. re: hungry.schatzi

          Just went to Jasper's in Frankfurt. It was splendid! The personalized recommended pairings of wine to appetizers/entrees by the chef himself really made the meal. The chef makes everything himself down to the brioche for the fois gras. It was so far the best. We also had a wonderful meal at Lohninger. Don't miss that.

        3. Thank you for the suggestions. I will be in Frankfurt Main. Any other suggestions?

          1. the thread is quite old, but maybe the questiostill stands. If you are looking for high end French Cuisine, go and take a look at Ernos Bistro in the west end.
            But there are several fine dining options. Holbeins will get a new chef and will be a good option in Sachsenhausen. Another good place is the Austrian restaurant Lohninger.
            If Steak is your thing, go and check out surf &turf or the Ivory Club.