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Jan 17, 2011 04:34 PM

A family-run hotel & restaurant near Colmar, please? (And general area dining recs?)

We enjoy small countryside family-run hotel/restaurants (it's so civilized to go downstairs for dinner after a day out & about) -- and a few months ago we hit the jackpot with two such recommendations on this board (Hotel Arce in Saint-Etienne-de-Baigorry,, and Hotel Ithurria in Ainhoa, -- both in the Pays Basque). But now we're planning a September return to Alsace -- and today I've spent more hours that I care to admit looking for similar small family-run places near or along the wine route, in the proximity of Colmar. Without much luck so far. And so I'll say thanks again for the prior recs, and we'll appreciate similar suggestions for Alsace.

We will be there 4 nights in mid-September (2 couples). Optimally, I'd love to find something near/ between Ribeauville in the north, and Guebwiller in the south -- but we will consider places 20/30 km farther north and south of those.

And although we'd like to have two dinners at "the hotel," we'll also appreciate general restaurant recs for the other two evenings . . . .

-- Jake

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  1. If you consider Barr to be in your catchment area, you could look at

    Have stayed there several times. It's about 1 km outside the town and Barr has several choices if you want to eat out.

    1. The Clos Froehn in Zellenberg is not a hotel but a B&B run by couple called Obry - no dinner but epic breakfast (Monsieur O is a retired baker) - in the village, all within tottering distance, are delightful small Auberge du Froehn (named, asis the B&B, after local Grand Cru vineyard), Auberge du Schlossberg and 1-star Restaurant Maximilien (good value lunch menu).
      Just across the valley in Riquewihr there's Les B Espace Suites, owned and run by Jean-Luc Brendel & family - funky, modern suites in ancient 15th-century timbered house on main street; d'Brendelstub downstairs is their brasserie, La Table du Gourmet is 1-star Michelin and there are lots of other places in Riquewihr, most of them dire/touristy with the honourable exception of the Sarment d'Or, small cosy hotel with reliably good food and friendly welcome. Have a look at in the Alsace sections (North and South of Colmar) and you'll find all the URLs + tons more ideas for where to stay/eat/drink
      Further north in the Bas-Rhin, besides kerriar's ex. recommendation for Chateau d'Andlau (eye-watering wine list) there's in Mittelbergheim(picturebook village, Bas-Rhin) family-owned and -run, famous for their tourte vigneronne (flaky pastry meat pie
      )have fun - it'll be the vendanges, so you're right to get busy with your bookings

      1. The only place I find in my file is La Maison Dissler in cookoo clock cute Riquewihr.

        However, we chose to stay in a more serene setting in the foothills south of Barr, La Forestiere in Le Hohwald. Eric Marshall is a game butcher and his wife a rather good cook, so we ate pretty well there: boar ham at breakfast, etc.

        But when I see your timeframe, I have to tell you about the fabulous village fete we went to in Cleebourg, sadly northwest of Strasbourg. It was the fete de vendenge and incuded everything from the ceremonial first pressing of the grapes, tasting by the crowd to determine how good the vintage would be, feast of local specialties under a big tent, umpah band, fabulous parade, and much sampling of the local wine at 2€ a glass. There is no lodging in the village so we stayed in Hostellerie au Cygne in Wissembourg.
        This event should be taking place the weekend of September 17.

        Did I say we had a good time?

        1. In 2007 we had a pleasant lunch at the Hotel du Faude, Lapoutroie . Here is an old ( 2003) write up on Chow : Here is their website.
          Don't remember what we had, but we enjoyed it, liked the place, made note of it in case we were in the area for a stay of less than a week. The chef/owner and his wife made a point of visiting all of the tables and we had a chat with them before we left.

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            Remember, Lapoutroie is the home of Haxaire, IMHO the finest maker of Muenster and Gerome there is. l still use one of their wooden one kilo molds to hold my pens/pencils.

          2. This is probably too far from Colmar for you to stay, but I will recommend Les Bas Rupts near Gerardmer. Go there for lunch, it is a beautiful drive through the foothills of the Vosges mountains. The food is superb and the views from the dining room are lovely.