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Jan 17, 2011 04:00 PM

Key Largo help for this weekend!

We've got a short Key Largo tirp this weekend. I've got three dinners and a couple lunches to plan.

From reading the boards, I'm thinking Mrs. Macs is a must. Maybe Ziggy's. I've been to the Fish House a couple times and have been pleased.

Don't mind traveling a bit. Not looking for fancy, but don't mind dressing up a bit and paying more if it's worth it. Also don't mind a dive.

I've had zero luck on the "Florida" board, so I'm assuming it's because I posted in the wrong place.

Please help me out. I promise to give you an excruciatingly detailed account of where to eat if you're ever in Detroit. in return. I may even pick you up at the airport. : )

Also, any reviews of the Full Moon Party at Morada Bay would be appreciated? Worth the cover?

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  1. Mrs. Mac's is indeed very good. I had takeout once from there and I did not even eat seafood, but everything was fresh and good. I had some kind of turkey pita wrap and my boyfriend had a fish sandwich which were both delish I have also had two very good meals at Sundowners in Key Largo which has a beautiful view of, yes, the sunset. For brunch or lunch you could try Key Largo Conch House. I had an amazing conch eggs benedict there and a french toast with passionfruit and coconut which was also great. Off the beaten path is the Pilot House, which we found after a snorkeling excursion docked at the nearby marina. I can't recall what we had, but they had happy hour specials (even on the Saturday we went) and the food was pretty solid. A friend of mine enjoys the all you can eat stone crabs at Ballyhoo's.

    I hope this helps or at least leads you in the right direction!