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Jan 17, 2011 03:01 PM

Smoked pork chops St. Pete

Looking to buy the best smoked pork chops in the St. Pete area.

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  1. Unfortunately, the place I used to get them from, George's Meat Market, is now closed. You might want to try European Goodies Deli in the 4700 block of 49th St. N. They have a lot of good fresh kielbasa and other meats and may just have the smoked pork chops. Other than that, not sure where to send you.

    European Goodies
    4701 49th St N Ste B, Saint Petersburg, FL 33709

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      Geir's in Sarasota has their own smokehouse and produces dry sausages, (cold cuts) under the Geir;s name
      they also have great smoked pork chops, hocks bacon etc. all smoked by them.