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Jan 17, 2011 02:42 PM

RECS for excellent byo for 8?

It's a friends birthday and we want to go to an excellent byo in Philadelphia area. Cuisine is open all are foodies.

Thanks in advance

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  1. Center City? Nearby? Cuisine? Give us some guidance!!
    My hands down favorite is Kanella. They have a table in the middle that will work. Cypriot Greek. Incredible food. Good value. 10th and Spruce. Takes reservations and credit cards.

    1. Matyson
      19th just before rittenhouse square. always stellar

      1. i highly recommend both kanella and matyson- both have impressed foodies from out of town and are excellent. very different restaurants tho. when is this dinner? matyson has their lobster tasting menu this week and it looks incredible.

        koo zee doo in northern liberties has gotten a lot of love recently- might be fun for a big group

        where in the philadelphia area are you looking to stay?

        1. Modo Mio for excellent Italian at a great price.

          1. My favorite 10 BYOB's in Philly:

            Koo Zee Doo
            Blackfish (burbs)
            Modo Mio