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Jan 17, 2011 02:30 PM

Anyone order Copper Cookware from Dehilleran?

Just curious about the process. Any complications. My parents bought me a Saute pan while last there at my request. Would like to order their tin lined Windsor pan. Not really interested in discussing copper and the various names for different vessels. Would like to just hear from people with online experience of any kind with Dehillerin.



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  1. Sorry me again .... Specifically the online process of ordering from them.

    Thanks Guys


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    1. re: Quails

      Quails: There is an online order form you fill out, and they will email you back an invoice. You then confirm everything is correct by FAXING or SNAILMAIL, and they will then charge your VISA or Mastercard (no AmEx).

      A suggestion: Ask for quotes for both the standard thickness (not table service) AND the "fort" grade.

      1. re: kaleokahu

        Hi Thank-you for your help Kaleokahu

        The Standard thickness vs the Fort thickness. I assumed that the one with the cast iron handle in Tin or Stainless lined would be the thickest one offered. There are variances offered within stainless lined cuprinox ones or are there options regarding thickness in the Tin lined?



        1. re: Quails

          Hi, Corey: You're welcome. The standard/fort distinction is a little more confusing than the website makes it appear. Yes, generally the tinned with cast iron will be the thickest (and therefore "fort"), but Dehillerin sometimes carries things not listed on the website ("extra fort"?). The SS-lined are, I believe, of only two thicknesses: 1.5mm table service (aka M150), and 2.5mm. This is limited by Falk Culinaire's production (Mauviel, who makes for Dehillerin, must buy its bimetal sheetstock from Falk). Mauviel can go thicker on straight-gauge copper sheetstock.

          I would use the comment section of the order form to ask if they have the pans you want in extra fort thickness, and specifically ask that they say in their "invoice" the thickness of the pan(s) they are quoting.

          What specifically are you looking for? Mazzetti in Tuscany has a good line in 2mm-3mm and some lined in silver. Brass handles, though. I have a 2mm frypan of theirs. Cesare and Isolda are very nice people. If you wish to compare prices, If you are looking for straight saucepans, I can point you to an American source for quality Euro 3mm sets of 4.