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Jan 17, 2011 02:13 PM

Koo Zee Doo any recs?


We're thinking of having a birthday party here in a few weeks has anyone been?

thanks in advance

ellie's mom

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    1. If you order the grilled sardines, watch for the tiny bones. I had a sore throat for a week from a stuck bone that scratched my throat. Kind of took the pleasure out of dining there.

      1. Koo Zee Doo is a great choice. I think you will enjoy it. I certainly have. It's also a BYOB.

        1. Do the chicken gizzards. Amazing.

          1. I second the gizzards. They are totally amazing. Anything cooked in the "cataplana" (sort of a stovetop pressure cooker) would also be a good bet--we had fish cooked that way and the flavor was very rich, with perfect texture. We celebrated my mother's birthday there a few months ago; came to about $20 per person for more food than we needed, and it was all wonderful.