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Jan 17, 2011 12:50 PM

Must eat food/places in Cuenca and Valencia area

Can anyone suggest must eat food and/or places in Cuenca (one overnight) and in Valencia area (will be staying about five days, but I haven't worked out the details yet)?
I'll be definately looking for the best paella valenciana... Where would that be?
I appreciate any help.
Thank you.

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  1. Recommended tapas in Cuenca at "La Bodeguilla de Basilio" (Calle Fray Luis de Leon 3, lower town). Innovate cuisine restaurant: "Raff" at Calle Federico Garcia Lorca 3 and typical cuisine restaurant: "Mesón Casas Colgadas" situated in one of the old cliff-top houses.

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    1. Scroll on down this board for more on Valencia and paella. In Valencia there's Ca’Sento (extensive, expensive, Bulli-ish tasting menu from star chef Raul Aleixandre), Joaquin Schmidt (reputedly great if he’s in the zone, dodgy if not), El Angel Azul (traditional, accessible, warmly Spanish), Riff (modern Mediterranean cooking by Black Forest émigré chef Bernd Knöller) and La Sucursal (cool avantgarde food in Modern Art Museum). Had a miserable experience in the last one, will go to Riff next time. Best meal turned out to be at Senzone, the resto in our hotel, Palau de la Mar. o and we lervd Casa Montaña in El Cabanyal, former fishermen’s district not far from the America’s Cup port, where a few two-storey houses (pastel-painted and blue-tiled with Modernist swags and curlicues) have escaped the bulldozers. It's hardly breaking news (in every guidebook and on every food forum) but worth it for the broad/fava beans + ibérico alone (and loads more) - interesting wines by the glass too. For a full review of all the above, go to and do a search for Valencia

      buen provecho! sue

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          Bummed to learn Ca'Sento is closed for Las Fallas and through the end of March. Just called to make a rez for 3/18 and this is what I was told. So sad.


        2. Have you seen this thread?

          I've done a lot of reading of food sites online (mostly in Spanish) and come up with two names for paella--both out of the city proper:

          La Matandeta in Alfafar

          L'Establiment in El Palmar

          Trying to work out how to get to one or both from Valencia....

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          1. re: erica

            In my research of the same, I've come up with two transportation options. Either taking the public bus (Autocares Herca) or renting a car for the day. After an unfortunate experience taking the bus to Hondarrabia last year, I'm leaning towards the car rental (in spite of the prices I'm finding online) so that we can explore more of the area than we could on foot.

            Since we'll only be getting out of Valencia for one day I'm leaning towards La Matandeta, but plan to ask around once we get there. I actually had a friend check with a friend of hers who lives in Alicante for recommendations and the answer was basically that all paella in Valencia is great and to just enjoy.

            1. re: MesaChow

              Good to know! Other options appear to be a "yellow bus" that travels from the center city to the beaches to the south and from what I could tell, looks like it stops not to far from La Matandeta.


              There is also a "Tourist Bus" from the city to the Albufuera.

              Of the two I mentioned, La Matandeta appears closer to the city; it does not look so far as to rule out a possible taxi ride, which might be less pricey than renting the car..

              Please report back! Happy eating!

              1. re: erica

                any new information on getting to La Matandeta. I might get a reservation there I am worried about the transport as it seems rather rural. I've looked online and it appears the taxis are about 30 euro+ and I'm wondering if its just better to find something closer to the bus stops?

                1. re: Xericx

                  La Matandeta is out in the rice fields south of the city. I have no tips on transport because I went with a friend in her car.

                  I had a disappointing paella there and would not return. I believe I wrote about it in my short report on Valencia:


                  1. re: erica

                    thanks. I'm wavering, watched the "On the Road again" looks nice, I heard you can help cook the paella there but its more does seem a bit out of town and without a bus, it may not be economical to do so......might lean towards just taking a bus to el palmar and checking out a random (or researched) paella establishment.

                    1. re: Xericx

                      Not only could we not help cook the paella, but they would not even let me watch the cooking process. I asked some questions before my trip; perhaps this will help you:


                      There is a new city outpost of a famed paella restaurant from the hinterlands. I would look into this place if I were to return: