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Jan 17, 2011 11:34 AM

Open container of oil packed anchovies, whats a healthy girl to do?

I made caesar salad which was delicious, but I don't want the rest to go to waste. I'm looking for healthy (pasta with breadcrumbs, oil, and anchovy doesn't seem too healthy, although quite delicious) recipes that use anchovies, but aren't too fishy. Any suggestions?

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  1. You could make a big batch of anchovy infused tomato sauce and freeze it for later use.
    You can use them to make a sauce for just about anything, green beans, fish etc.....

    But if you put the anchovies and the oil in a tightly sealed container, such as an old jam jar, they should keep for awhile.

    1. There's a recipe in "Verdura:Vegetables Italian Style" that incorporates half a dozen anchovies into a lemon vinaigrette and then tosses that with freshly roasted asparagus. They're out of season, so wonder if you could do the same with some root vegetables or greens. Or, make bagna cauda for dipping any kind of veg.

      1. you can use a few anchovies in a tomato based sauce - anchovies add umami without tasting fishy when used judiciously

        1. Well I'd just eat them out of hand.

          But they keep fir a very long time in oil in the fridge.

          1. The first time I made pasta topped with bread crumbs, tinned anchovies, and garlic sauteed in olive oil it was excellent, so I decided to make another portion the next day. But after a day in a jar in the refrigerator, the anchovies had become vile demons that made my pasta taste like it was sauced with cod liver oil. My dogs ate it eagerly. Now I buy anchovy paste, which doesn't misbehave after refrigeration.