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B.B. Go

barryg Jan 17, 2011 11:27 AM

18th & Ludlow. I was really excited when this "Fusion Rice Bar" opened near my office. I went in when they first opened and tried the bimbambop, which was terrible, so I had no plans to go back.

Phyllis Stein-Novack reviewed the place recently, and noted that they had added dolsot bimbambop and ramen to the menu. Thinking they may have gotten their act together, I went back to check out the "ramen"--it was also terrible. It was just made from the powered base like the Korean store-bought ones. The egg was scrambled, not soft cooked. Noodles were cheap but at least not overcooked. I'm not a ramen expert but I have had good ramen--Morimoto here, Ippudo in NYC, Japanese supermarket food courts in NJ--this was a different dish altogether. And for $8 it's a ripoff, too (even more if you get meat). I'm not against soup base, but it has to be good, especially at this price.

But, the guy next to me was eating a fried rice dish that looked pretty good and they have soondubu on the menu now as well. And it's hard to mess up dol sot, right? I'm desperate for a fast serve restaurant like this, but I can't bring myself to blow another lunch there. Has anyone tried some of these items and can let me know if they are any good?

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  1. coookie RE: barryg Jan 18, 2011 09:29 AM

    i haven't been (walk by it practically every day), but why not hit up the nearby giwa for quick dol sot?

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      barryg RE: coookie Jan 18, 2011 09:46 AM

      Ideally BB Go would be faster/cheaper (no table service) but I'd definitely take Giwa instead, since BB Go has been a big fail so far.

    2. sockii RE: barryg Jan 18, 2011 02:00 PM

      I'm afraid to give it another go myself as I had a similar lousy bibimbap once. I'd rather go to Giwa or Miran even if it's a few dollars more (I prefer the dol sot at Giwa, and the soodubu at Miran - which I think is under $10 at lunch with all the banchan as well.)

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