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Jan 17, 2011 11:25 AM

The Butcher Shoppe - What do you buy there?

Looking for more suggestions about what to try there, as they have so many things you could order from the back etc.

I've tried their sausages from the mini store in the back, as well as their double smoked bacon.

Also I got 4 bone-on chicken breasts from there last time for $5, seemed like a great deal. Also they're still attached between the breasts for easy pan frying, sort of butterflied in a sense. They were sooooo good too, the most tender juicy chicken breast I've had in a long time. I generally avoid the breasts and go for dark meat.

I always hope they have fresh veal bones on hand too. I was lucky to score some the first time I went, and haven't been able to find them since. You just have to go in on a day they're cutting up whole animals. Otherwise they only have a 40lb box, which is too big for me.

What do you buy there?

Butcher Shoppe
121 Shorncliffe Rd, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

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  1. I frequent the Scarborough location so hopefully it is similar. I've bought lamb shanks which were on the pricey end but were very meaty and made a wonderful braise. I also like the beef short ribs which come pre-seasoned for an easy meal. The lamb chops weren't bad but I think next time I'll pick up and put my own spices on instead of buying the prepared ones. Like you, I also enjoy the sausages and chicken. I've been meaning to try the pork chops but haven't gotten around to it. There is an awful lot of choice and I often have to tell the guy behind the counter that I need a few more minutes to decide.

    They have a website if that helps.

    1. try beef cheeks ( these are great for braising)
      Frozen baby back ribs ( they come in a case of 7 racks normally costs about 40 bucks or so)
      beef back ribs
      they carry rabbits, ham hocks, duck breasts, cornish hens all sorts of stuff. Use them all the time.

      1. norman: Their website doesn't list a scarborough location, is it the same place? If so, do you remember where it is by chance? Sounds like it has a different selection or maybe a bigger direct to customer portion of their store.

        Beef cheeks good idea, never tried to cook those, and I love braises. Also ribs are easy to store frozen too.

        They have a huge selection if you order off their product list, just kind of scared to order that much of one thing of course. One day I'll buy a chest freezer (mine broke) and give in to that 40+lb box of veal bones for sure.

        Here's their full product list:

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          It's at Markham Road and Kingston. I drive south on Markham Road and the plaza is on the right just past the lights. There's also a Popeyes and Shoppers Drug Mart in the plaza.

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            I think I know why it isn't listed.....the one I go to spells Shoppe differently......The Butcher Shop vs The Butcher Shoppe......oiy! Did a quick search.....


        2. I usually buy whole beef briskets from them, I haven't really tried many other of their products. They are cash only and one time I didn't have change, so, they added a bunch of ribeye steaks that they happened to have on sale on the counter. They were excellent.

          My only complaint is you can't really pick and choose, you ask for something and they run back and grab it, you're at their mercy that way.

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            Their veal chops (14oz huge) are too die for! I have had their chicken, steak, sausages, cornish hens. Everything has always been great! Always go there when entertaining to get great product at a good price! Never have I been disappointed.

          2. Is the Butcher SHOP in Scarborough affiliated with the Butcher SHOPPE in the west end? I'm thinking the names are similar but that's it.

            SHOP: Since 1969, our family owned butcher shop is known for it's fine selection of top quality meat, chicken, fish, pork, lamb, and shrimp.

            SHOPPE: The Butcher Shoppe is a wholly Canadian owned meat purveying company, which opened its doors in 1984 in the Kensington Market area in downtown Toronto. The Butcher Shoppe continued to grow from its inception and in 1989, relocated to the present location in the west end of Toronto, Ontario.