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Jan 17, 2011 10:33 AM

Manual can opener- which to buy? Such a disparity in pricing.

So over the past 4 years or so we've owned 2 cheap-o manual can openers and one mid-range opener. All have died and failed.

Mostly we use these for opening large tins of tomatoes in the off-season, or some beans etc. We definitely aren't using it daily.

I was in the grocery (Wegmans) and found the OXO can opener is $19.99... is this worth it? It seems to be the same as the $6.99 can openers.

On amazon, some can openers are up to $50.

I beg you, tell me which can opener you use. I need a good one that won't crap out quickly.

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  1. Wegmans, sounds like western New York. We have gone through so many can openers is't crazzy. Finely found a Swing a Way made in the USA and it works great and was under $10 if I remember correctly. The one we have has plastic coated handles, so is a step up from the basic model. There is another favoriate mentioned here often but the brand eludes me at the moment. It cuts the lid off differently from a conventional can opener.

    It's one of these:

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    1. re: mikie

      Have never had to replace my Swing a Way. Just a great tool.

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        Yes if you can locate a USA Swing-A-Way buy it, it will give you years of use. The Chinese made Swing-A-Way are not the same quality.

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          Absolutely correct. The old ones are great! Mine dates to the mid-60's.

          Check at garage sales and thrift shops.


      2. I've had two of these for years:

        This one cuts the edge of the can as opposed to the top.

        1. I have the OXO smooth edge can opener. It works fine.

          The OXO SteeL can opener has a very solid reputation:

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            I've had an older version of the OXO one in the second link above for about 10 yrs. Works perfect, easy-to-use, well-built, etc. Worth $20 IMO.

          2. My mom had a Swing-Away that was attached to the pantry wall. That thing was 25 years old and STILL sliced through a can lid-- and she was an extremely active cook so that thing probably had the equivalent of 45 years' use-- no joke. I've had one for 10+ years and it's still like new... I'm a believer!

            1. Mine is a Kuhn-Rikon that I have to have bought at least a dozen years ago. It's the bomb and expect that I'll never have to replace it.