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What to order for dinner? - Bacchanalia

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Hey Atlanta Hounders,
Coming to Atlanta from NYC and taking my beau to Bacchanalia for his birthday. Wondering what are the must tries from their menu. I have read mixed reviews of a few entrees, ie. the veal, lamb and NY strip, but wonder what the opinion is here overall.

Love advice on what to select from the menu. Neither of us have any dietary restrictions and are foodies.

Thanks! Looking forward to coming South!

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  1. Blue Crab Fritter
    Any third course with roasted beets or any kind of beets.
    When I was there last month the salad with beets was the best thing I had.

    I was also there during black truffle season, but that's probably over.

    1. Blue Crab Fritter is a must.
      It has been a few years since I ate there, and I believe it is a different chef now, but everything we had was excellent. I remember the highlight of the meal being a sweetbreads 2nd course but it appears to be an entree now and looks a little different from what I remember having. Also, if you are a cheese fan, when we went I ordered the cheese plate and they brought out a cart with about 20 different cheeses on it and you picked 5 or 6..that was really cool.

      1. We carried a bottle of wine when we went over the holidays. It was a nicely-aged red, so I felt the need to have the dry aged prime rib. It was a great big honkin slab o' meaty goodness. The rest is kind of a blur.

        1. I have not dined at Bacchanalia recently but I have never had a bad meal meal there.
          I would go with anything that is seasonal. The food, wine selection, and service are excellent.
          The blue crab fritters have been a mainstay of the menu for years. They are really good. drbyyz is
          on the money about the cheese plate, it is outstanding. I would really focus on the specials
          because that is were you will find the high spots.

          1. Bacchanalia is my favorite in Atlanta (and I eat very often in NYC, so the bar is high). As others have said, the crab fritter is wonderful. Unlike anything you will find anywhere else. They also tend to do a very good job with both seasonal fish preparations (there are usually 2 on the menu). I'm not a big fan of NY Strip in general, so tend not to order it. For 3rd course, I typically go with the cheese cart. Usually an interesting selection of artisinal cheeses. The only dessert I'm usually disappointed with is whatever souffle they have - generally too "eggy" for my taste. And the valrohna chocolate cake is on the small side. But the brown butter tarts are great!

            In my opinion, you've picked the best restaurant in Atlanta and will have a nice experience. The menu is very seasonal and very influenced by Southern regional cuisine, so it's not something you can easily duplicate in NYC. Please let us know your experience after you visit!

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              Thanks everyone for your suggestions! Looks like the crab fritter is a must, although almost everything on their current appetizer menu sounds delicious, will be difficult to choose. We are going at the end of the month and really looking forward to it, so will report on our experience.

              Has anyone eaten at 4th and Swift? Was thinking of going there also. Thanks!

            2. Nothing but positive reviews all over the internet for this restaurant. I was convinced I would have at least a decent experience especially with my budget of $150 per person. The dining room is comfortable, great for conversation. The service is good. The food on the other hand, is not. What I was willing to pay should have been enough to get a great food experience. There were too many overly salted and unmemorable items on a plate. It would be better to get one great item. I was so disappointed with the combinations. Was it an off night? [We were there late on a Tuesday] Ordering a la carte might have been better to avoid the terrible combinations served to the unsuspecting prix fixe diner. These are suppose to be skillful creations not uninspired, sad and overly salted. The cheese course was embarrassing. Stuff someone wanted to get rid of. A single overly large hunk of strong tasting cheese hiding under lettuce. Contrast, yes. Tasty? No. Too many items were out of a jar or made yesterday kinds of food, not fresh, their flavors dominating everything on a plate: pickled shallots, pickled fish. There are no memories of hot, freshly cooked food. I got no impression of anyone cooking in the kitchen. Sweets were better. Strawberry Soufflé, was excellent. Goat Cheesecake, okay. Birthday tiered cupcake looked great and tasted fantastic. Highly recommended. The sweet amuse-bouche were memorable, the savory ones were not. Many reviewers rave about the Blue Crab Fritter appetizer and I agree, it is well executed and highly recommend it, but I am still trying to make sense of how this place gets so many positive reviews.

              1198 Howell Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30318

              1. I love this place, everything is good.

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                  Wait! You'll have to do better. Describe exactly "what" you find is good at this place. :)