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Jan 17, 2011 10:26 AM

Center City Restaurant Week NOW

..... its actually 2 weeks

Jan 16 - 21
Jan 23 - 28

Participating restaurants at

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  1. Thank you for the link
    choices, choices....

    1. I have an appointment in the Rittenhouse Square area tomorrow. What's a best bet for lunch at any of the restaurants participating in Restaurant Week?

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      1. re: bucksguy14

        Davio's is always stellar. Butcher and Singer or DelFrisco's are also good options, expecially at RW prices.

        1. + 1 for LaCroix, I think their restaurant week lunch menu looks even better than the dinner! I'm going....rf

          1. Heading to Barbuzzo Sunday night. Can't wait!

            1. I'd also love a rec for lunch tomorrow in the Center City (preferably Rittenhouse) area - especially a place good for a solo diner. I was thinking about checking out either Square 1682 (had one pretty decent dinner with a few flaws there before, so I want to try it again...can I sit at the bar and get the RW lunch?) or maybe Le Castagne (ditto all of the above). Other picks good for a solo and not-too-fancy RW lunch in the area appreciated.

              I was in the city Tuesday and went to an old haunt, Fuji Mountain, which was listed on the official RW website as offering a RW lunch special but was not offered such a menu...later that day I saw the official site updated their listings and now Fuji Mountain was only doing dinner for RW. Oh well.

              The regular menu lunch bento box I had was quite subpar as well, to add to my disappointment. That place had been one of my main haunts during grad school and while I didn't have sushi Tuesday, the cooked entree I ordered (seafood teriyaki) was barely better than microwaved Chinese food (and nothing like I was expecting for teriyaki). Sad, because I remember the place being pretty good in the past. Maybe I just ordered horribly wrong...I normally order sushi or sashimi there but it was so cold and miserable out I wanted something hot to warm me up.