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Jan 17, 2011 07:58 AM

Napa closing? The Brickhouse closing? 20RR too? GREAT BARRINGTON

i am sitting here in GB with my mom and she is telling me she heard that both napa & BH are closed and that 20RR is closed for renovation but possibly not opening back up....? does anyone have info? i live right here but didnt know anything....going to drive by 20 now and see if there is sign on door....

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  1. I can confirm that Napa is closed but there is a sign in the window stating that they are closed until spring. I have heard that it is uncertain whether the owner will reopen due to financial concerns. I don't know about the Brickhouse as I haven't been in a couple of months. I doubt very much that 20 Railroad is closed; it was open last weekend. On the contrary, it was closed for a very long time but since being taken over by new ownership, it has improved dramatically. The food and service are both light years better than in the past. The owner is almost always around and works very hard to keep the place running smoothly. She is great! Anyone who hasn't been lately must check it out.

    1. Sign on the door as of last Saturday that the kitchen is closed for renovation, but the bar is still open at Twenty Railroad. The owners have opened the new Dragon Steakhouse on Route 20 (that was the late and very much lamented Dragon restaurant). I read in the Berkshire Eagle that they are serving the spring rolls at the new steakhouse and are considering adding one or two Vietnamese dishes to the menu, like Shaken Beef (I forget the exact name, it's been so long).

      1. Hey, Hey, Niccole--From what I have heard, Napa IS closed. I do not live in south county, so, I do not know about the Brick House...where is it?
        On another note, I was at John Andrew's last Saturday night. We learned that Danny is still on his honeymoon...I was so happy for him because he is finally at the point where that place was running at perfection despite the fact that he was about 8000 miles away. He certainly has worked hard for that and deserves it. Max, Peter, Corey, all of them...they were at a 100%.

        John Andrew's Restaurant
        RR 23, North Egremont, MA 01252

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          AikiLou i am so happy to hear JA is doing well. i havent been in SO long, i am really in need of a fix.

          i heard that 20RR is NOT closing too, but that napa YES is closed, for good.

          the brickhouse is in housatonic, its (was) just a local hang-out bar but it was quite popular i thought.

        2. I am not surprised Napa is closed. While the food was fine and atmosphere could be very good with the bar buzz (we had a great time eating there once when it was jazz night), the service was consistently bad to terrible. One time, we got there 30 minutes before closing and they essentially ignored us, so we left and went to Pearl's. The manager called to apologize the next day (he was not there the night before), but service remained crummy. I am puzzled that, as much as in invested in restaurants, ownership and management can't seem to get service right at some of them. Napa has a great location (and its view down railroad street is great), so I hope a good replacement restaurant comes into the spot.

          1. 20 Railroad street is not closed nor are they closing at anytime. I just met someone who had lunch there today. Napa is closed for the winter