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Jan 17, 2011 07:22 AM

Kosher Restaurants near Ft. Lauderdale/Hollywood Airport

Are there any kosher places near Ft. Laud/Hollywood Airport.
Doesn't need to be "chowish" just average/edible and convenient location.

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  1. Depends what you mean by "near." Hollywood has a bunch of kosher places, mostly in the everyday category. Most of them are about 10-12 minutes from the airport.

    1. Like DeisCane said, they aren't right within the vicinity but they're about a 10-12 minute drive. Sara's Pizza on N 46th Avenue and Stirling Road is one. Mozart Cafe (Avigdors) on Stirling Road and 441 is another. JP Bistro (and a variety of other Kosher eateries) is across the street and one shopping center over (a little further east) from Avigdors. There's a Kosher Chinese restaurant next to Sara's in the same shopping center under the same ownership.

      All of these options are still rather close, but I never exactly go out to eat there and then to the airport since it's not exactly in the same area.... and just a note, if you go to Sara's, you may need to leave yourself a lot of time.

      My favorites among these: Sara's and Mozart.

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        To follow onto tamar's post, with some geography, Hollywood has two major east/west streets--Stirling and Sheridan--and Stirling is closer to FLL than Sheridan.