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Jan 17, 2011 06:36 AM

Pullman Loaf Pans- Need Whole Grain Recipes And Storage Options

I'm so excited to be making my own loaf bread (has anyone else notice how much sodium is in store-bough bread?). i just ordered this Pullman Pan on Amazon:

I would like your input regarding best WHOLE GRAIN and non AP flour recipes. I want the bread to be good carbs and maybe good protein and fiber. Gluten-free etc. suggestion also appreciated. The more nutritious, the better! Oh, and darker breads are great- I love me some rye and pumpernickel bread.
Any recipe books or authors or websites to recommend?
I'd also like to know how you store your loaves. Do you use plastic bags? Refrigerate? Use a bread box?

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  1. I like Peter Reinhart's books a lot. He has one called "Peter Reinhart's Whole Grain Breads" that I use a lot. The 100% whole wheat bread is really good. I always make it in loaf pans but I suppose you could make it in a pullman pan.

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      Thanks. I was just checking that one out on Amazon!

    2. Plastic bags and in bread box, after it's cooled completely, if we don't eat it all first. Don't store bread in the frig; it'll go stale faster that way. Bread freezes very well also.