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Jan 17, 2011 06:19 AM

Solo Weeknight Dining?

So my lovely bride will be out of town this Thursday, and I am looking for some place tasty to eat by myself. At the bar would be fine, and I would like to try something new, any type of food. Anywhere from Lakewood to Dallas-proper to Oak Cliff would be fine -- I am thinking Smoke or Horne and Dekker, but other suggestions are welcome. I just don't want to feel like a lonely dork. Aside from the specifics of this request, it might be cool for people to describe any factors that make a place solo-friendly. (p.s. I am talking food-only, not people-meeting -- there, I feel better)

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  1. Nova would be perfect. Big counter area and excellent food.

    These are all at-the-bar places: Pappadeux's on Northwest Hwy, Celebration on Lovers Lane, Texas Land & Cattle on Lemmon and Bolsa in the OC.

    Some posters will chime in that you should just go wherever you want to go and ignore the solo dining bit.

    1. I'm comfortable at Farnatchi and Louie's by myself.
      As a matter of fact, I'm comfortable anyplace that I can eat at the bar. And, any taqueria.

      1. My new favorite place to eat alone is at the bar overlooking the kitchen at NOSH.

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            dah! you stole mine! NOSH at the bar is great (And you can even get some yummy samples of truffle if you're nice...but perhaps you have to be a girl and be giggly about it ;) --- I'm not really giggly, but didn't know how else to say it!)

            Also Urbano Cafe...saw a few people eating solo and it's just no big deal. No bar, but small NY type neighborhood place. Bring wine and a book or smartphone, and enjoy!

              1. re: pgwiz1

                GOOD CALL to everyone about NOSH. Sat at the Chef bar today at lunch, I'm going to make that a regular stop for lunch.

                Been doing Urbano about once every other week for lunch.

                No Truffle for me unfortunately - I must not be giggly enough.....

                1. re: masnole

                  You might be one of those, Avenots.

            1. Looks like a last-minute coin toss between Nosh and Urbano. Solo BYO at Urbano might be the winner...

              1. Went to Nova on Davis Street and sat at the bar. Very comfortable. And, the food is killer!
                1/2 pound Bison burger with sauteed onions, aged cheddar, bacon and, charred a beautiful medium rare. Served with great crispy fries. Great food and, great vibe.