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Jan 17, 2011 05:13 AM

buying organic in the burbs

I've recently made the decision to go organic, but it's been really difficult finding a lot of selection in my area (Feasterville-Trevose-Bensalem), especially for dairy products and meat or poultry. I don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's nearby, and the closest Wegman's is about 40 minutes away. I've been looking into buying clubs but haven't had much luck. Anyone have any recommendations (or interest in forming a buying club?). Much appreciated.

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  1. Have you looked at what Giant has? Also you should look into some of the CSA groups in the greater Bucks County area.

    Not sure where you are coming from, but I would think Bensalem to Warminster would not be that bad a drive to get to Wegmans.

    Whole Foods in Montgomeryville if you take the Turnpike get off at Fort Washington, is right off of 309 at the end of the expressway. And there is a Trader Joes across the street.

    1. Thanks. Giant is okay for non-perishables and milk but my local store only has on kind of all-natural deli meat and it's tough to find other meats and dairy (cheeses, ice cream, etc) . And while I can do the half-hour trip (hour round trip) to Whole Foods, et al. on a weekend, it's tough when you just need to pick something up for dinner. I was just looking for other chain I may have overlooked, or even online options if anyone has tried and had success there.
      One of the other things with local growers is that many of them that I've contacted sell in bulk and my family can't eat that much. I'm considering investing in an extra freezer but it would be nice to find someone else in the area to split orders with too.

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        Hey glurf,

        Head to the Levittown Giant on New Falls Road as it was built with organic foods in mind (where the Bensalem Giant was a remodel). The full line of Nature's Promise (Giant's Natural/Organic line) meat and dairy products are available there. You can also speak to the Natural/Organic Lead to special order any dairy products for you as Giant's vendor is UNFI (the same vendor that sells to Whole Foods). The meat manager, Jimmy, is a great help there, too.

        There is also Big Bear Natural Foods on Route 1 NB in Langhorne and Bunz's on Street Road.

        Big Bear Natural Foods
        239 N Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

      2. There's a Fresh Market on Welsh Road in Horsham. I buy all of my organic produce there, as well as fish and dairy products.

        1. try putting in your zip code at


          (you have to sort through who's organic, chemical free, certified naturally grown, etc


          Also, I know a bit of a hike but Hendricks in Telford has buying clubs you can hook up with

          (for meat dairy and amazing cheeses and cured meats


          Thadd Jett of Jett's produce is still growing winter veggies, he's chemical free and has grass fed beef selections as well
          (he's on facebook too!)

          In Lansdale, we have Merry Mead, while it's not organic, I believe that they do not use RBGH and, well it's the best tasting skim milk ever (in my opinion


          if you want local and organic, you're probably going to have to drive a bit
          (there's also Tanner's in Richboro, not organic, but you could inquire about the methods they use in raising their cows)