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Jan 17, 2011 04:23 AM

Dinner Party for 12 people

I'm having 12 people for dinner and will be serving Chicken marbella. I would like to serve it with the orange scented couscous recommended on a previous post:

My question is can I triple this recipe to feed 12? Also, can I make it ahead of time and reheat in the microwave (recipe calls for serving immediately).

Also, this is a sit down dinner and largest one I've ever had. I. would appreciate suggestions on how to make it easy. I will be serving a salad as a first course. I'd like to pass the salad and the chicken.

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  1. The couscous will triple nicely. I suppose you could nuke it, but it might be mushy. I'd be tempted to get all of the flavorings together in a bowl and do it all a la minute. If you have your water measured out, bring it to a boil while assembling the salad. When you serve the salad, dump your couscous in and let it sit. Fluff after salad and add the seasonings.

    1. Would it be easier to plate the food? Passing serving pieces that are going to be pretty large and heavy could be awkward. I've also done buffet-style. That way my table stays pretty and not over-crowded.

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        Do you have a buffet arrangement where you could use two sides. Buffets can be slow. Person 1 has to sit at the table with a plate getting cold until person 12 is seated, since he/she would think it bad manners to start without others. Could you divide your chicken into say two or three serving dishes to be passed to the appropriate persons seated in that area. I would plate the salads.

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          I must admit I hate buffets. Might you split up the dishes so you have two for the main course? That way they won't be so heavy and won't have to "travel" so far. But if it was me, I would plate in the kitchen.

        2. I haven't had this specific dish, but I almost always prefer my cous cous dishes at room temperature. Do you think this one would do well that way?

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            Excellent suggestions. I'm going to plate the salads, pass the chicken on several platters and make the couscous during the salad course. Thanks everyone for the wonderful tips.