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Jan 17, 2011 01:24 AM

HELP in Taipei now... I am craving for a juicy, greasy burger...?

Been back for couple weeks now visiting family and friends, its great to eat all the (台灣小吃) i can possibly eat, all the foods I have been craving and don't get a chance to eat in San Francisco. But after Chinese for breakfast, lunch and dinner for two weeks, i can only eat so much (燒餅油條) and banquet foods. I have been craving for a regular juicy, greasy hamburger. Where to find in Taipei?
Any burger, as long as its not from any of the american fast food joints that locals have come to love, do they even know the difference between a microwaved and flame broiled to order hamburger?
any recs or leads will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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  1. Hi ILC!

    First off, have you found a better XLB joint than DTF?

    Before I get to what you crave, it might be worth checking out the winner of the Best Beef Noodle Soup competition before you leave. KK's report here:

    There has been a burger explosion in Taipei in the last ten years!

    1.) Mos Burger
    A Taiwan fast-food burger chain with over 100 locations.

    2.) 1885 Burgers

    3.) California Grill
    53-1 Yong Kang St.
    (02) 2343 5111

    No. 1, Lane 238, Dun Hua South Road, Section 1
    (02) 8771-9423

    4.) Dan Ryan’s:

    5.) Forkers - not sure if they are still open -
    No. 8, Alley 10, Lane 223, Zhong Xiao East Road, Section 4
    (02) 2771-9285

    1. Bravo Burger
      American beef, greasy and juicy. But I heard some people complain that their quality is not good as before.
      No.2, Lane 140, Sec. 3 MinQuan E. Rd. Taipei, Taiwan

      The boss is from NZ, and so is the beef they use. Their burgers are not so greasy but juicy as well.
      No.5, Lane 114, ShiDa Rd. Taipei Taiwan

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