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Jan 16, 2011 10:45 PM

What Are Your Baking and Cooking Uses for Coffee?

Inspired by bushwickgirl in another thread about Hermits, I've been thinking about coffee as an ingredient. I always put Medalio d'Oro espresso powder in chocolate recipes (along with freshly ground black pepper and/or cayenne) , and in toffee and caramels- to deepen the flavor, and now i'm going to try it in Hermits.
I've seen recipes that include it in a roast lamb, and in mexican moles.

What do you use coffee for? Ever use it in savory cooking? vegetable dishes, soups? And what effect does it give you? Thanks much.

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  1. I add it to smoked ham as it bakes along with cayenne and molasses.

    1. I put it in my chili; Medalgia d'Oro or Kahlua are nice accents to anything spicy or chocolate-y. I'm making my "famous" Black Russian cake as we speak and it must have a spoonful of instant espresso to make it that much more special. I do coffee right out of my mug (milk and sugar optional) anytime I'm using leftover ham pieces for, let's say, gumbo or split pea soup. Or of course, red eye ham with eggs, it takes awhile to get the ham nice and crispy but so worth it.

      1. I've coated salmon with it before having it hit the pan. Have also used coffee in risotto and to add nuances to a variety of sauces.

        1. One of the baking classes I took back in the day almost always paired coffee with dark chocolate. So, if the cake, cookie, candy, etc. called for melted chocolate brewed coffee would be added (& the overall liquid configurations adjusted) to enhance the chocolate flavor. I see this pairing consistently today.

          On the savory side, most def. have used Turkish coffee, specifically, in beef stews, chili, wet rubs for pork. Espresso coffee in tex mex dishes and brew out of the morning pot, traditional roast, in pumpkin roasts and even once in onion soup. Now mind you in all cases, I'm taking a small amt. of coffee; a subtle flavoring.

          1. Espresso in brownies and toffee here, too. But I also use it in spice rubs fro meat. I add brewed coffee to braising liquid for beef, lamb, spare ribs. It always goes into my BBQ sauces and in some marinades. I've used it in soups and stews, once to tone down the tomatoes in a friend's crawfish bisque. It adds another layer of flavor, a slightly bitter/smoky complexity. It's good added to caramel/sweet butter sauces on baked pears, apple, peaches, bread pudding.