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Jan 16, 2011 10:06 PM

Fagor for Canning?

I just bought a Fagor 10 qt. Elite pressure cooker, as it is the largest readily available pressure cooker that's induction compatible. Has anyone used it for pressure canning? The USDA instructions say to "vent" the cooker for 10 minutes before starting the timer. How does one accomplish this? Or, is there something about the spring mechanism that means you don't need to vent it in the same way?

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  1. Doesn't your cooker have a knob with 3 (or more) positions? The position for 'quick release' works just as well for venting to prevent pressure buildup (or steaming).

    The Fagor owners manual also has a section on canning

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      Thanks, paulj. The manual didn't speak to this explicitly. The quick release setting is there, but I didn't connect that with what I was trying to accomplish - that's exactly what I was missing!

    2. It can be used as a canner. Makre sure you have the rack for the bottom (I think they make one that fits their cooker) and all the other ordinary canning things (like the can grabber) that are more generic.