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Jan 16, 2011 07:43 PM

HAnd tossed Chinese noodles

Anyone know who serves them? Not shaved noodles, I want hand tossed. If you have a Vancouver connection, that's cool too.


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  1. Chiang's Gourmet and Fushen both have them.

    I'm probably in the minority when I say that I prefer the noodles at Fushen. Their vegetable chow mien with hand made noodles is especially good.

    This pic show what they look like.

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    1. re: seattleviking

      Not Hand made, HAND TOSSED. Big difference. a hand tossed noodle is round and is quite an art form. I probably willl have to go to China. I may post on the Vancouver board or go to Aisia.............

    2. Check this thread from last year. I've heard the noodles referred to as "hand stretched" which may be why your search came up empty.

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      1. re: chococat

        I think that sadly, Noodle King has closed.