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Jan 16, 2011 06:49 PM

Organized trip to Italy for foodies [moved from Quebec board]

I'm planing my first trip to Italy this may. I'll be there for 14 days. I'd like to do a trip that revolves around food. Are there organized trips for that? And do you know a travel agency in Montreal that can arrange that? If that kind of organized trip does not exists, can you provide tips on how to plan for this kind of trip? Can you recommend a book maybe?



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  1. Go to this link:

    Tavola Mia is a cooking school in Hudson and the owner, Maria Loggia, organizes trips in Tuscany and Puglia every year.

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      Check out divina cucina for sure.

    2. Are you primarily interested in cooking or eating?

      There are any number of cooking tours that you can find by Googling >Italy cooking tours<. Most of them are concentrated in one particular region.

      If you are more interested in eating, there is no better book than Fred Plotkin's "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler"; it is available from You would have to choose your destinations and plan your trip independently.

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        Thanks for the links. I have just ordered the book.

        I'm more interested in eating than cooking but I'd certainly appreciate one of two cooking classes.

      2. If you are interested in the Campania region (including Naples and the Amalfi coast) you might be interested in Arthur Schwartz's offerings. Its a great area with a great cuisine.

        Looks like they have a May course on offer

        1. also check out if you are going up north!

          1. Check out Corte Roeli outside of Bologna
            We stayed for three nights at the end of November. We took the train from Venice and Elisabetta and Roberto (hosts) picked us up at the train station. It is a little off the beaten path, but great homemade authentic food! A great breakfast was included with food grown at the farm! They also had the option for us to eat dinner there each night for ~22-25euros each person- completely worth it- delicious authentic Italian food and wine from the surrounding areas. They run a restaurant on the weekends, but we were there for 3 weeknights so it was just us and one other guest. A few of the other extras- we did a cooking class one afternoon and then ate the pasta that we made in the class for dinner. Our hosts also set up a tour for us of a Prosciutto factory and a Parmesan/Reggiano cheese facility. We traveled into the countryside, toured the facilities, sampled the food and had a great day with the locals. If you are looking for an authentic Italian experience outside the normal touristy stuff, Corte Roeli is a great starting place! We got dropped off at the Bologna train station at the end of our stay and caught the train to Florence for the last leg of our trip.