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Jan 16, 2011 06:38 PM

Adams rib BBQ Neptune NJ

Passed by today has anyone been there yet...seems to be their second location.

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  1. Will give it a try, but I get nervous when I see the ribs described on the website as "fall-off-the-bone" (i.e. overcooked).

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    1. re: equal_Mark

      They also note "Texas-style ketchup based sauce". I'm not sure if Texas is necessarily known for ketchup-based sauces.

      1. re: equal_Mark

        I know what you mean...seeing that on a sign truly doesn't usually bode well (same thing with delis that that brag about 'lean pastrami' which also usually a disaster) .

        But actually, "fall of the bone" doesn't necessarily _have_ to mean overcooked or even worse, ribs that were boiled first .
        I do ribs and pork shoulders at home using the indirect 'low and slow' method , and it's always 'fall off the bone' and never overcooked. Problem is, it takes time and most commercial places (at least in NJ) opt for 'quick and easy' rather than 'low and slow'...and then drown the end result in a cloying sauce to try and add flavor to the meat they've ruined

        Truth is, I've yet to find _any_ decent real BBQ anywhere in NJ

        1. re: The Professor

          Regardless of the cooking method, some people consider meat that falls off the bone to be overcooked, when dealing with ribs.

          It's just a different texture. As long as the meat is moist and flavored with smoke I don't get too bent out of shape over it. Hell I've overcooked ribs many times, and no one complained.

          The issue as I see it is if a place isn't using smoke, they are likely adding flavor in the form of sweet sauce. This isn't my preference, even if the texture is to my liking.

          1. re: tommy

            I agree.
            To me, the sweet sauce usually represents an attempt to hide the shortcomings in the cooking of the meat.

            As far as the texture, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle for most rib aficionados. The problem I've experienced at most rib joints (at least here in NJ) is usually either ribs that obviously got the boil treatment first to the point of flavorless mush, or ribs that are chewy and stringy from being cooked too quickly.

      2. Hopefully their BBQ is of better quality than their website. Their Facebook link doesn't work, there are no hours of operation listed & they don't even give a phone number that I could call to see if they are open on Mondays...

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        1. re: equal_Mark

          that's not good ! (bad website and Facebook links !)

          Cuz I love the name of the joint...
          and am hoping they have BEEF ribs, (real good, crusty ones !!) and get their act together soon....

        2. They used to have one right here outside the gates of McGuire Air Force Base, but I am assuming it is no longer in business. They had a sign up before Christmas saying they were on vacation, but the lot hasn't been plowed, and the chairs are still up. No idea if they plan on re-opening or not.

          What I can say however is that their brisket, as well as their pulled pork sandwiches were delicious. I think I may have even started a thread on here about them.

          When they first opened, they only had the one type of sauce, then they started making a Carolina styled sauce. Both were excellent!

          I ate there about 4 times over the course of 6 months, and had great lunches there every time. Their platters were good as well, and I always had leftovers for breakfast here at my desk the next morning. It's a shame that they closed as they were packed when they first opened! -mJ

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          1. re: njfoodies

            That may explain my difficulty in contacting them. They still list 2 locations on their website, bu only provide a phone number for the Hanover Twp location. That number seems to have been disconnected. They also have not answered an email I sent to the address on their site. Heck of a way to run a business...

              1. re: Tay

                It really is a bummer though. This place had some damn good BBQ, and was busy constantly. There is nothing worth eating near the base, so it was a welcome addition. It's just too bad it didn't last!

                What's the story with the Neptune location? Does it look like they are going to open? Or did they just stop working on it? -mJ

            1. Visited the Neptune location this afternoon. They are CLOSED. Lights are out, doors are locked and the parking lot has not been plowed. Given the closing of the other location, disconnected phone and unanswered emails I figure we can safely stick a fork in this one...

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              1. re: equal_Mark

                sorry Mark...wish i had read this post earlier..i drive past this place everyday on my way home...its been closed for weeks (maybe even months!) in fact we think that they were never actually open for business!

                1. re: stack_c

                  Sorry everyone I feel bad now for even mentioning it....when I originally passed this location it was early in the morning so I had no idea if it was in business or not as to me it just looked closed.

                  1. re: Tapas52

                    Don't be sorry Tapas52. I am guessing that it never even opened which is a bummer. Like I said before, they actually did have a good finished product, so it kind of stinks! Wish them the best... -mJ

                2. re: equal_Mark

                  lol @ "safely stick a fork in this one" ...

                  1. re: ellen4441

                    For what it's worth, when searching for this place I ended up having an excellent meal at JSBBQ in Belmar. Had issues with my past couple visits there, but the combo of babybacks and brisket were really good this time. My only problem was that other diners who came in after me were given chips and salsa and I was given none... :-(