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Jan 16, 2011 06:22 PM

Osteria winter menu

Hi everyone,

I'm going to Osteria the weekend after next with four other people.
Last time I went was more than a year ago (too many good restaurants in Philly)
I remember cotechino sausage and budino as both being spectacular but I don't recognize anything else.

Can anyone make recs for antipasti, pizzas, and pastas?

We're going to skip the entrees.


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  1. The octopus pizza is outstanding, but the chicken liver rigatoni is truly memorable.

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    1. re: phillybakingqueen

      2nd the chicken liver rigatoni, though it was too rich for me to eat the whole thing (and still want anything else, anyway). I'd recommend splitting it among the four of you (or at least two of you). It's also a much bigger portion than most of their other pasta dishes.

      Last time I was there I got a dessert other than the budino and regretted it (not bad, but not budino).

    2. My recs are: the lombarda pizza, candele pasta with wild boar bolognese, and the budino for dessert. I wanna go but Modo Mio is on for Friday.

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      1. re: alonna Smith

        The Lombarda Pizza with the cotechino sausage and an egg on it is sublime. It is a regular on the menu. The chicken liver rigatoni is a great bet too. I personally am partial to the robiolla with the trumpet mushrooms. Light dish and great depth of flavor from the mushrooms. All of these are dishes that they restaurant has been making for a long time. They often stay on the menu throughout the year.

        Two dishes that I do not know but am VERY intrigued by are the fried pigs tails and also the sweetbreads. I think both would be well worth trying.

        Another note regarding pizzas. They are making two types now.. one they are calling a Nepolitano. Might be worth sampling one of each type.

        1. re: FattyFatMan

          I just ate there last night, and there is one other thing to note. They do half portions of almost all of the their pasta's (the only one they wouldn't was the squid ink pasta with shrimp). I think thats a great way to sample different dishes, or to be able to have a little of a rich dish like the chicken liver rigatoni.

          FWIW the quail with persimmon was sublime.