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Jan 16, 2011 04:04 PM

SF/OAK/PDX visitor in Vancouver-whats not to be missed?

Traveling to your city in July. What should I do food-wise no matter what? I like should and authenticity beyond anything else when I eat. Dont care if its strip mall or fine dining. It just better rock.
Four adults, two of them, my parents. They are less adventurous than me but are pretty game to try things. Good sports.

bring it.

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  1. My two favorite fine dining joints are Blue Water Cafe and Le Crocodile. The former offers the city's best sushi and other phenomenal seafood.
    Le Crocodile is a more restrained setting and offers traditional French cuisine. I had the chef's tasting menu last night and was blown away.

    There are many more places worth checking out. Do a few searches and you will find a ton of info on this board!

    Le Crocodile Restaurant
    909 Burrard St, Vancouver, BC V6Z2N2, CA

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      Is there any "Vancouver-esque" style? Or local thing only you guys do?

      1. re: mmerino

        If you are bringing the 'rents and money is (somewhat) no object, may I suggest Bishop's. It to me epitomizes the dine local thing that is so trendy and you will not find a more gracious room in town I daresay.

    2. A bunch of local chowhounds hosted a 'hound from San Francisco a couple of months back. We took him to an izakaya crawl hitting three of the Guu's along the way. He was impressed and commented that the izakaya here are far better than what you have there (and IMO better - or "different" - than say Tanuki in PDX.

      It is a fun way to eat (and drink) and the cuisine has enough range to please both adventurous and the not so adventurous.

      1. " I like should and authenticity beyond anything else when I eat. "
        SOUL was what I was trying to type. Thanks Auto Correct!