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Rosie's bakery

Please help me spend a $25 gift card! Walked into the Mass Ave site, took a look at the limited and rather sad looking items in the cases and walked out empty handed. Trouble is, I bake a lot, things like classic bars, cookies and a variety of brownies so I want something that will be a treat. (i.e. Lakota cookies and cakes) I thought a cake would fit the bill but looking at the selection on their site, it all looks sort of Costco-ish or even supermarket quality. I've had the Snowqueen cake and enjoyed it but again, I can do gold cake with jam at home. What's a girl to do besides give the card away?

Am I wrong in thinking that there was a time when Rosie's was a good bakery but now, not so much? Are looks deceiving? What do you enjoy, crave, maybe even love from there?

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  1. I LOVE their chcoolate chip cookies - also, if you're near Wellesley, the Wellesley Rosie's serves lunch...

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      +1 on the chocolate chip cookies, but if you bake a lot it is certainly something you could easily make yourself. I've had a number of cakes from their South Station location and while I know not everyone loves them, I do think they are better than (and different from) Costco's/supermarket quality.

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        Apparently, the Wellesley Rosie's Bakery is no longer owned by Judy Rosenberg, and is for sale -


        I was there for lunch today, and they said that they're selling it -

      2. They make a lovely pecan chocolate tart.

        1. Someone brought a carrot cake from Rosie's to a party recently, and I thought it was fantastic.

          1. Do they sell her cookbooks at the stores? You could buy one of those, since you're a baker...

            1. You need to go to the Wellesley's location. Everything is fresh, and as Sallyt said, they serve lunch, which is pretty good. I love their German chocolate cake, which isn't something I'd bother making at home. If that doesn't appeal, buy the cookbook. There are some good recipes in there that I have found easy to customize.

              You could also buy some goodies and freeze them for a night when you want dessert (every night for me!) and haven't baked anything that day.

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                I second the lunch suggestion -- if you work near a Rosie's, stop by for a few lunches. They have pretty good soups and sandwiches.

              2. I've ordered their fruit tart for an office meeting, and it was quite good. Their chocolate chip cookies are unbelievable, but with $25, I would go with the tart.

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                  The German chocolate cake was one of the items I was considering because that is something I don't make frequently. I also like the sound of the chocolate pecan tart. I neglected to check out the tarts but will do now.

                  Sounds like Wellesley is the way to go. Thanks so much for all the suggestions. Feeling a bit more hopeful (and hungry) now.

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                    Finale's commissary prepares all of the food for Rosie's Bakery as well as Legal Sea Foods, if I'm not mistaken.

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                      "Finale's commissary prepares all of the food for Rosie's Bakery as well as Legal Sea Foods, if I'm not mistaken."

                      Finale's commissary certainly does not make all the food for Legal's. Do you mean the baked goods? And are you suggesting that Rosie's is just an outpost for Finale? I've enjoyed Rosie's products so much more than Finale.

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                        You are mistaken. I have done work for Rosie's, and have actually gone to their bakery to pick up my samples. They most definitely have their own commercial bakery.
                        Judy Rosenberg would never allow anyone else to make her product.

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                      +1 on Rosie's fruit tart. I know fruit + pastry cream + crust isn't all that hard for a home baker, but in Rosie's case I think the crust and pastry cream are particularly well matched.

                      And if the gift certificate will last, might as well wait until the fruit's in season.

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                        I think the pecan tart is seasonal too. No sign of it on the website. Will inquire when I call.

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                          I saw it about 1 month ago, at the Chestnut Hill shop. I can't remember if it was just pecan or pecan choc. I don't want to get yr hopes up about it.

                    3. They do cakes to order, so next time you need a birthday cake, call a couple days ahead and get a Queen Raspberry (choc. cake, fudge and raspberry fillings, mocha buttercream.). The buttercream frosting really is amazing and I've made the cake from the cookbook and it takes a LONG time, so it feels like you are getting your money's worth when you buy it. This way you avoid wondering how long something has been sitting in the display case.