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Jan 16, 2011 02:36 PM

Rosie's bakery

Please help me spend a $25 gift card! Walked into the Mass Ave site, took a look at the limited and rather sad looking items in the cases and walked out empty handed. Trouble is, I bake a lot, things like classic bars, cookies and a variety of brownies so I want something that will be a treat. (i.e. Lakota cookies and cakes) I thought a cake would fit the bill but looking at the selection on their site, it all looks sort of Costco-ish or even supermarket quality. I've had the Snowqueen cake and enjoyed it but again, I can do gold cake with jam at home. What's a girl to do besides give the card away?

Am I wrong in thinking that there was a time when Rosie's was a good bakery but now, not so much? Are looks deceiving? What do you enjoy, crave, maybe even love from there?

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  1. I LOVE their chcoolate chip cookies - also, if you're near Wellesley, the Wellesley Rosie's serves lunch...

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      +1 on the chocolate chip cookies, but if you bake a lot it is certainly something you could easily make yourself. I've had a number of cakes from their South Station location and while I know not everyone loves them, I do think they are better than (and different from) Costco's/supermarket quality.

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        Apparently, the Wellesley Rosie's Bakery is no longer owned by Judy Rosenberg, and is for sale -

        I was there for lunch today, and they said that they're selling it -

      2. They make a lovely pecan chocolate tart.

        1. Someone brought a carrot cake from Rosie's to a party recently, and I thought it was fantastic.

          1. Do they sell her cookbooks at the stores? You could buy one of those, since you're a baker...

            1. You need to go to the Wellesley's location. Everything is fresh, and as Sallyt said, they serve lunch, which is pretty good. I love their German chocolate cake, which isn't something I'd bother making at home. If that doesn't appeal, buy the cookbook. There are some good recipes in there that I have found easy to customize.

              You could also buy some goodies and freeze them for a night when you want dessert (every night for me!) and haven't baked anything that day.

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                I second the lunch suggestion -- if you work near a Rosie's, stop by for a few lunches. They have pretty good soups and sandwiches.