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Jan 16, 2011 02:28 PM

Cooking with smoked paprika

I finally came upon a jar of smoked paprika and bought it. Any suggestions on the best ways to use it? Thanks.

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  1. I use it anywhere I'd use bacon as a seasoning, in those cases when I want to make something vegetarian taste meaty and bacony -- beans, soup, even carbonara *runs and hides from the Carbonara Orthodoxy Enforcement Agents*

    Just be forewarned that a little goes a LOOOOOONG way, and that it's best bloomed in a bit of oil.

    1. I love using it with chickpeas and beans. Like LauraGrace said, it seems to add a nice meatiness to richer veggies dishes. It's also good over roasted potatoes. Play around with it. It's delicious!

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          I love serving little crostini w/ chickpeas or beans and smoked paprika. Great app or lighter lunch.

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            Smoked paprika and chickpeas sounds yum!

      1. Sprinkle it on top of devilled eggs. They will rock!

          1. Mix a little with mayonnaise to use as a sauce for broiled fish, a spread for sandwich meats, or as a dipping sauce (in the Dutch manner) for french fries.

            If you like pimento cheese sandwiches, add some to the pimento cheese spread before broiling.

            Mark Bittman of the NY Times loves pimenton (the Spanish name for smoked paprika) so lots of his recipes call for it. One recipe of his that we use is a sauce for tri-tip steak, which calls for cherry tomatoes, ground almonds and smoked paprika.