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Jan 16, 2011 02:25 PM

La Diabla

I was reading about this place in the new openings thread but there wasn't much info, has anyone visited this place yet? I am going to paraphrase what was in the new openings thread, "La Diabla, just below villeneuve on the east side, selling "sauces" and other, probably spicy, condiments on St-Laurent"

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  1. Just went there. The Ketrine is the one who cooks everything on the premises. Although she is of Lebanese descent she cooks south american recipes. Jams (very unusual and delectable varieties), her moles (she has 3 kinds among which one with cranberries) are the best I ever had.
    She has a wide array of salsa but fell for her salsa verde. She sells very flavourful marinades, pickles, olives, spices, salad dressings, pestos and empanadas. When you go there they take the time to make you taste as many different products and even make you taste some more.
    It's a must try. Her passion for food is contagious.
    They just opened and they don't have interact.

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      1. I finally dropped by this week and had one of their juices. It was called the Frutas, and was a blend of mango, strawberry, mint, and rose water, made fresh and blended with ice, from what I can tell (it took several minutes for them in the back to make it). It was delicious, and will become a regular summer drink alongside Fait Ici's lemonade or a good ol' G + T. They also have some interesting smoothies such as one with aloe, and homemade hibiscus iced tea.

        1. The food is amazing! I have liked everything I've tried: interesting salsas, Mexican moles, oil cured olives, empanadas. The little shop is full of interesting sweet-savoury combinations, quality ingredients, unique gift -able items. It is food with a story. And there is a cafe part of the business, too, all served with heart&soul.

          La Diablaâ„¢
          4615 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1R4, CA

          1. I finally stopped in today and will definitely be back. The couple running the place were so sweet and helpful. I tried a few of the salsas and bought the verde one. Also got a free sample of the strawberry smoothie thing. I can't wait to try more.