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Jan 16, 2011 02:21 PM

Wine Shops on Long Island

Anyone know any places on long island with a LARGE wine selection. I don't know if anyone has ever been to a total wine before (they have a few in NJ and DE) but I am missing that place and its huge size.

Every place I have been to here is very small. Surprisingly poor selection of italian wines given that 90 percent of the population of long island is italian (ok i made that figure up but it is practically Sicily here).


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  1. Have you been to POP's in Island Park? It's fairly big and has a nice selection.

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      POPS is great, sign up for their weekly nesletter:

    2. I so miss Total Wine - lived in So Florida for a while. Don't know of too many wine shops around here but check out I've ordered spirits from there before and have had no problems. Pretty quick delivery and free shipping for orders $100 or more. Pretty interesting selection.

      1. Stew Leonard's Wines has a huge selection, knowledgeable staff and great prices. It is located on Rte. 110 in Farmingdale (next to Republic).

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          I second Stew Leonard's for size and a decent selection, and you might like Post;

        2. Depending on where you are, Pope in Medford has quite the selection. Right off the Expressway, it 's a good stop on the way to the East End.

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            Thanks I'm fairly far east so this will probably be the place for me. I can probably check it out on a lunch break.

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              And if you're even farther east, Michaels in Riverhead Village is pretty darn good too. Not quite as big as Pope, but nice rounded selection. I work near Pope and live near Michaels and those are the only two places I shop.

          2. I have been spoiled and cannot do real heavy wine shopping on LI.

            I do my shopping at 'Total Wines and More' in NJ, Delaware, Florida and Las Vegas. Unfortunately, there is nothing even close here on LI. Whenever I am out of state, I buy a few cases (assuming that I do not have to fly back.)