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Jan 16, 2011 01:06 PM

Rome - recommendation of best area/neighborhood to stay/eat wanted

Headed to Rome in April and was looking for ideas about slighly less touristed, but still interesting area/neighborhoods to stay and eat.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. We stayed in the Trastevere and thought it was perfect for us. We were with walking distance of most of the tourist sights we wanted to see and restaurants/farmers markets we wanted to visit.

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        +2 for Trastevere. Great part of the city......

    1. Trastevere is a good idea, another could be the more central parts of Prati. The very touristy Campo de’ Fiori area has good food. But actually, the totally untouristy often modern peripheral quarters (some bourgeois, some working class) have excellent trattorias and food shops. There are municipal markets in every neighborhood (you could do a search for mercati comunali).

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        By the way, here is a very extensive list of markets in Rome, in English and up-to-date, divided into farmer's markets and normal ones.

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          Thanks! I added that to favorites for our May trip.

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          I'm staying in the Prati neighborhood next week. Any recommendations would be much appreciated! Especially for the budget minded. Thanks!

        3. How are your language skills?

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            1. Look around the area of Prat. It is just beside the Vatican & Castel S.Angelo and you can walk across the Tiber to the old part of Rome and avoid the tourist area. There are lots of nice restaurants and Pizzerias and best of Rome's icecream shops here. There is a nice covered food market in Via Colle di Rienzo.Lots of little hotels too.