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Jan 16, 2011 12:54 PM

an (Asian I think) hors d'oeuvre

When flipping through hors d'oeuvre recipes on the Internet I saw one for a kind of pastry deep fried with a special tool that produced a small cup that was then filled, in this case, with chopped raw vegetables.

The description warned that the cups were time consuming, especially the first few times, b ut well worth it.

I thought i had bookmarked the recipe but I hadn't.

I do not remember the name - it was one I was unfamiliar with.

I apologize for such sketchy details, but I have always enjoyed the assistance I receive from this site and am hoping - - -

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  1. If it was Asian, perhaps you mean rice noodles fried between two wire "spiders"? They are also called skimmer baskets. Can also be done with thin strips of phyllo dough gathered into a bunch before placing between the spiders. There's a special bird's nest tool for this too:

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      Definitely will be included in my next kitchen related purchase :)

      1. re: greygarious

        Thank you and I know what you mean - (I already have the little Spiders). This was more of a soft pastry and the tool almost looked like a rounded krumcake iron but smaller asnd I think shaped like a very small inverted pail (the picture wasn't clear but if I had been smart enough to keep the recipe, I am sure would have been explaibed)

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          exactly what came to my mind too.....periplus "the food of malaysia" book has a good recipe also.

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            They are sooo good. They remind me of my grandma :)

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            Thank you so much - I apologize for my late response - i have been out of the country without a computer .I believe these are exactly what I saw and can hardly wait to experiment.

            The Rasa Malayisa site looks fabulous - I will be trying many different dishes.

            Miss Clawdy